I get so much satisfaction from designing, managing servers and developing tools for my project.

Everyday, I feel like I get a bit closer to this wonderful solution where we completely control our media end to end.

It's hard as fuck and sometimes I get really frustrated, but it has been the most worthwhile project I've ever taken.

I've never been so sure about a particular project. I love working on this shit every day.

I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to talk about whatever on blogs we control that connect to federated video platforms where we premiere original content that's been funded completely by our own communities.

Imagine posting a thought in one place and it just cascades through the entire platform for interested people to see with no interference from algorithms or whatever the fuck trying to maximize profits.

That thought just gets me excited.

@Are0h Why not host our videos on our blogs? Is storage the problem, or is it bandwidth?
@Are0h @starbreaker

I think the main value of video hubs like peertube is content discovery.

the open web is a wonderful thing but discovery kinda sucks. even the semantic web people didn't really have a good answer except for providing search engines with better metadata.

maybe what we need is a video hubs where you just supply the URL to where you uploaded the video. then you retain control of your data but still have the discovery friendliness of these video hubs.
@Are0h @starbreaker @jalcine

in some ways, but a lot of that is still broken semantic web tech.

we need to bring back stuff like web rings and curated lists of links.

stuff that works.
@Are0h @starbreaker @jalcine

yes, like that. that indieweb is championing bringing back the webring is something I really like.

I'm also excited about prismo as a discovery tool.

@kaniini @jalcine @starbreaker Agreed. I'm a big fan of what they are doing as well.

Eventually, I'm going to fold what they're doing in my project.

@kaniini @Are0h @jalcine @starbreaker

curlie.org but federated would be way better than tech bro spybot Web crawlers from Mountain View. A big distributed and replicated index curated by real people around the world with interests in the subject matter is better than a centrally controlled surveillance driven algorithmic monster machine!

@jalcine @Are0h @kaniini Aggregation at scale shouldn't be that hard. Can't we link to videos in RSS feeds? Don't we already know how to aggregate RSS feeds?
@starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h

the aggregation part is easy, building a slick UX is the hard part.
@Are0h @starbreaker @jalcine

yeah I can't wait to check out your stuff too, it looks really exciting

@kaniini @jalcine @starbreaker I appreciate that, man. The plan is to get the basic framework up and running and then slowly add all of the community bells and whistles.

Building shit from scratch is harder than I thought it would be, but it's fun as hell too.

@kaniini @jalcine @Are0h Right. Gotta have the slick UX. Goddess forbid we go back to text interfaces and or command lines like Turing intended. :)
@Are0h @kaniini @jalcine Don't worry, I'm not going to insist that we toss out all graphical apps. I just think the command line should always be available and that graphical apps should also provide APIs for use in scripting.
@starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h

lack of slick UX may be good for us, but it's not good for our parents, and ultimately that's who we have to sell on this whole open web thing if we want it to stick.

remember that the proprietary platforms want to close up the web as much as possible.
@kaniini @jalcine @Are0h That's a fair point, but I wonder what might have happened if we had taken advantage of technological improvements to create command interpreters that are closer to natural language and thus more accessible to ordinary people. Traditional Unix commands were terse by necessity because Unix was developed on hardware that seems primitive by modern standards, but surely we could do better nowadays.

Hell, Grace Hopper and the CODASYL crew did reasonably well with COBOL in the 1960s.
@kaniini @starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h Slick yes, bloated, no. I just discovered https://meta.sr.ht/ and it was like a joyful revelation. It's fast! It's not bloated! It's still in beta, but can see it becoming sufficiently slick to pass muster.
@bamfic @starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h

yeah, sr.ht is really useful for my grandma who needs a ton of git repositories
@kaniini @starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h My point is that it's slick and fast-- and applications intended for your grandma could follow that lead.
@bamfic @starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h

okay, but that doesn't really have anything to do with this thread. nobody here said we needed to build crappy things that aren't fast.

from my perspective, you've essentially just injected an advertisement.
@kaniini @starbreaker @jalcine @Are0h Fair enough. What I was intending to inject is an example of how to do UX well.
@kaniini @bamfic @jalcine @Are0h Grandma might not need sr.ht but why can't we learn from it's design and apply the useful bits to services with broader appeal?

Does every web application have to depend on JavaScript, web fonts, heavy graphics, and video?
@kaniini @bamfic @jalcine @Are0h I saw that, and I see your point. But I'm going to bow out before I say something really stupid because it's late.

Good night. Please feel free to untag me.
@bamfic @kaniini @jalcine @Are0h I love sr.ht, I store my writing there, and I pay them a fiver a month even though it's still in alpha.
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