We need a logo for the because when people equate to the entirety of the like how @nextcloud did with that image at the bottom, we have a problem

And it's not the fault of Mastodon - it's widely used. It's just the first thing that comes to mind when people seem to think about the .

Which sucks because it's like the USA / America thing.

@jalcine @nextcloud it's too bad the activitypub logo is bad (also AP != fediverse, etc etc)

nextcloud nooo ugh why did you do that

Now that as good as nobody is using StatusNet anymore, and GNU Social has a logo of its own, maybe the good old StatusNet icon with the colorful speech bubbles could stand for the Fediverse.…
@dirb @jalcine I am not surprised that somebody would go to Mastodon first. But at least they seem to be accepting noncompatibility with other implementations as bugs.

It will be good when there are narrower test suites available, intended for the Fediverse in practice rather than for ActivityPub. I understand that's what @feneas has or is working on, and that the #LitePub people will also have one.
Rochko has consistently talked about the Mastodon network from the first Show HN to this day. His public Mastodon branding and marketing minimizes the role of the full network, even though he acknowledges and appreciates the Fediverse in technical Fediverse-local discourse and in some interviews with better-informed interviewers.

@stragu @jalcine @nextcloud @zauberstuhl Tricky... 🤔 We could. But I'm not sure the whole #fediverse can be represented by one logo. Protocols have a logo already, for example #ActivityPub.

But if you want to discuss and propose it to the #Feneas community, I'd suggest opening an issue in our tracker: .. this way it is tracked for possibly action later if the community sees that it's worth spending time and/or money on.

The :fediverse: doesn't look too bad imho (but I'm not a designer).

Also, I don't know if I sound asinine, but maybe we need a mascot too?

I admit that I remembered that this place(s) existed when I saw the little elephant for the second or third time. ^^'

@pollomostro oh the logo looks excellent to me!

and yeah the mascot humanizes (or patronizes?) it a lot so you remember that over a logo

@LPS @davidrevoy @nextcloud my comment is kinda loaded because there IS a logo for the fediverse but they chose not to. They might as well just say that their project talks to Mastodon and not the Fediverse.

@jalcine @nextcloud Would be willing to offer a version of this instance's logomark into a Creative Commons license for the Fediverse writ large:

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