Moving all my VoIP communications over to Ring.

Cross-platform; uses open specs and has a workable interface

@jalcine does it have a central server / do you have to set up your own server / is it P2P?

@jalcine good choice, I reckon ! The best one in my opinion. They're currently changing their name to "Jami", if you want your promoting to go a longer way. :)

What made you choose ring over signal? I'm trying to get my family moved over to signal, I've found it to be super simple & intuitive so far...

@kellerjustin Ring works best for video conf stuff imo. I use Signal with more personal messaging

Right on. I sort of viewed them as competitors but I can see different use cases now.
When I first saw BTTF2 I thought it'd be so cool when video calls replace phone calls. If an open platform had come along first I think we wouldn't so fractured, and maybe that's how it would have played out, but the traditional phone call isn't going away without a fight

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