@jalcine Federation working on #Pixelefed?

I just pulled latest commits on my instance, but seems doesn't working yet.

Or I've missed something to configure for?

@gegeweb @jalcine We do not recommend this because you may encounter bugs, but to enable federation support you need to add ACTIVITY_PUB=true to .env and run php artisan config:cache

OK, already have :

I can already find my pixelfed post on Mastodon by serching them.
I looked at remote follow inside Pixelfed.

We assume that is always in beta. 😉


@jalcine haven't heard of anything federated besides mastedon. Where can I find out more? These look interesting.

@jalcine thanks for that! Seems like nothing is even scratching the surface of the centerlized giants out there.

@jrss @jalcine And for a very pretty and slightly opinionated guide to the various pieces of software on the free federated social networks, check out fediverse.party/ !
there are also plume, funkwhale, writefreely and a dozen more :)

Check fediverse.network

@jalcine I was about to write that Funkwhale could be added to that list, but looking at their documentation docs.funkwhale.audio/features. -> "Each Funkwhale instance is able to fetch music from other compatible servers, and share its own library on the network. The federation is implemented using the ActivityPub protocol, in order to leverage existing tools and be compatible with other services such as Mastodon.
As of today, federation only targets music acquisition, meaning user interaction are not shared via ActivityPub. This will be implemented at a later point."

@Blort I have yet to see this support. I've been using it, upgraded and have seen nothing :(

@jalcine I believe it's a specific NextCloud Social application that you need to activate/install?

@clacke if it's a thing; I can't see it in the OCS store. Since this is my live instance (I use it for personal life and work), I can't risk introducing alpha software into it. It looks like it's in alpha too so I'll wait

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