How do I reach out to designers and experience builders to convince them that working on free (libre) software helps everyone?

Like the current trend is to just give everything away which is cool but it's done for notary and self-inflation; not for communal growth.

Like it doesn't matter how much we build if none of it is usable from an experience standpoint. And we have to make things relative interoperable so some people can just work on clients and others on systems

they can do a good job for a foss project and use it in their portfolio to show to clients or to include in their appliance for jobs. it is good for every one.

@hansbauer @jalcine (designers will hate you for this with one weird trick!) 😜

Nah it's a problem we've had for decades. Just keep trying and doing outreach tbh. Or research good design yourself. (I like Design for Hackers by Kadavy)

@wilbr That book stays on my desk! That as well as (which works for the desktop as well with some system-wide tweaks) @hansbauer

@brainblasted Ah, okay. See, even then, I dissuade people from doing that (building for the sake of your portfolio). It leads to a lot of fluff content. @hansbauer

@hansbauer In my experience it has; and it's come largely from junior designers. Not to say that they're unwanted but I did/do want more seasoned people setting some kind of foundation for others to work with / follow @brainblasted

uhm.. maybe you still can salvage some juniors. you need to find some design autist. the kind of person that do it for the sake of beauty. there are a lot of them, but they are not the typical academia meme designers.

it is just a modern slang to a person with (borderline or full-blown) compulsive-obsessive disorder and not so great in social skills. they tend to be perfectionist, great with details, great taste and do it for the sake of beauty.

@hansbauer @jalcine It's not a great term to use, especially in the presence of people actually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not autism, though some with ASD also have OCD. People with autism also aren't necessarily perfectionists, or do things for the sake of beauty.

The term "autist" in the form you used is a wholly separate concept to Autism Spectrum Disorder, which the word "autist" is derived from.

i'm speaking for myself and from my experience with all of that. it was not intended as a generalization. i was speaking of this specific kind of autism. mine for instance. mine is just not in graphical design, but in design in engineering.

@brainblasted @jalcine
and I said it was a slang. (well accepted for what i can tell.)

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