Continuing work on stuff for . It's a pretty straightforward specification outlined here

The thing is, though, that if you're not careful; it's a easy DDoS vector. Going to be adding a lot of caching in Koype for this later but even consider making a dedicated service to handle this to reduce load on people's machines for processing and stuff.

@jalcine It seems like it wouldn't be that useful as a DDoS vector, since there's no amplification; you'd need to make a post on each server you want to call the webmention URL. Am I missing something?

@freakazoid I mean a vector's a vector if someone wants to cause trouble, lol.

But nah you aren't. At worst, depending on how one handles processing of Webmentions (which could involve parsing the target page's data and making more calls out) could tip a machine over if people don't take to cap jobs, do caching or a number of other things

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