so we finna do this?

a federated strike against mega-instances to encourage moving people into other ones to encourage decentralization?

@jalcine silence? yeah sure. not suspend though, too much history lost that way.

@bea @jalcine Yeah, mastodon dot social needs to close their registrations

@jalcine I think it would be better once folks have gotten a bit more used to it here. Based on convos with people I've encouraged to join, a lot are still figuring things out and they don't have enough ties to the fediverse to stay.

that said, most folks I've encouraged to join ARE on smaller instances, but they're still getting used to it & a shakeup would likely just make them leave.

@jalcine set a date mate, I'll be right there with you

@jalcine The funny thing is, I'm not sure my timeline would actually look that different at all. 😛

@jalcine I think there might be other ways to present that to appeal to other people. I moved off .social yesterday to find a more specialized community.

Maybe an organized effort to help other people find instances based on their interests would help other people move of m.s?

@Gargron @jalcine it's important to recognize that 36k is still several orders of magnitude greater then all other instances. As the difference continues to grow, it's going to start harming the network as a whole.

We have to be thinking about how to keep the network distributed. I'd hate to see .social turn into the Gmail of mastodon.

What about some better tools on Maybe ask new users the questions *before* showing the list of instances?

@Gargron I think it's a bit on perspective. I actually stepped away to think if it's the numbers or the scope of topics of an instance that's giving me a reaction/pause of sorts.

I think it's the latter. But it's also the need to highlight that one instance isn't necessarily the end-all-be-all of the

@jalcine @Gargron making account migration actually work (transferring followers and old posts) would help a lot.

@Flowless of course! yeah so it depends there; I see a lot of active admins just close doors when they think they're good

but other instances _are_ wondering why people can't find them or don't switch

@jalcine I think that's a bad move that could hurt the ecosystem. Why not report bad actors on large instances to the admins?

@aaronm04 it's moreso to encourage moves to smaller, more capable instances

@jalcine that's a worthy goal. What kind of strike are we talking about?

@jalcine is already silenced on the federated tl here
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