Fun fact: Mastodon supports link verification by using this thing called RelMeLink

This means that if both parties (Masto and site) have links pointing both ways, Masto can confirm it's being controlled by the parties involved.

I should update to do the same as


shit actually, I should make a Masto account _for_

this now comes to me wanting a "business" instance.

maybe ?

anyone know what instance is good for talking business, consulting or general tech?

(boosts v. welcome)

[it'd be better if I could just do and call it a day ;)]

Yes! also has a great admin @ashfurrow and is crowd funded!

@jalcine @wakingrufus I would be happy to have you here – we haven't updated to 2.6.0 yet (planning to this weekend) so link verification won't work here yet.

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