"Most white women don’t have non-white friends"
Couldn't the problem be also that a lot of them don't have any friends at all?

@LienRag What are you trying to ask here? That point is reductionist. @Roland

@LienRag Like it's not providing value to the statement you highlighted and abstracted it for no real reason @Roland

@jalcine @Roland

English is not my maternal language, so I'm not sure what you mean by "absracted it" either, my apologies.

I think it may provide context, which is always useful.

@jalcine @Roland

"In the 19th century, white suffragettes sought to disenfranchise Black men"
That's when english polysemism is a problem...
The historical truth is that the women's movement was torn apart (and never really got back on its feet after that) by the struggle between those who followed the "protect women from black rapists" narrative and those who wanted interracial solidarity (which were ultimately defeated indeed, but were an important force inside the movement anyway).

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