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Had this commissioned! ♥️♥️

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Information about my "instance" presence is available here: jacky.wtf/faq/mastodon/

I'll keep that updated (and might evolve to be a general place about my ActivityPub hubs).

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Lemme do a longer .

I'm a software developer. I also like to cook, dance (hip-hop largely, step), read, write, TV crunch and be outdoorsy. I'm a lot ;). I <3 my dog!

I like giving people tools and the notion of autonomy. Especially over data. If you have questions about me, check my faq at jacky.wtf/faq. If it's not there, let me answer and add it for others to find!

Never feel afraid to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer - or find someone who can.

Erin boiled Gatorade and served it as tea.

Ms. thickums out here just snoring on the couch lol

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thinking about design and how interesting the idea of designing how much effort users have to put into something is

like, take package managers that let you add third party repos

typically they require you to edit a config file, since third party repos should be considered untrusted by default

if it was just a command, users who didn't know shit about what they were doing would paste that command in and that Might Not Be Good

I don't know if that's a good or bad design decision, but I think it's interesting to think about

✌ @Reading@twitter.com "The fastest-sinking city in the world" ing.am/p/52Qx

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Libraries or schools should do it. Grab a bunch of space. Give out family name domains, then do given name subdomains. 

Local web needs as much grooming as our parks. 


lmfaoo Stanley ain't shit lmfaoooo he ain't try to save Jim

✌ @Reading@twitter.com "The Trap of Sales Driven Development – Hacker Noon" ing.am/p/52Qw

✌ @Reading@twitter.com "July Report: 49,112 Page Visits, 5,242 Email Subscribers and $435,79" ing.am/p/52Qv

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lmfaoo wait why do characters from the office got full ass Wiki pages en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Ma

when is micheal coming back?!

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This is also the test of how a lot of infighting among groups look at: does weaponizing their systems against them ACTUALLY work?

This is basically the tagline:

"In “Sorry to Bother You, white voice is a dangerous intoxicant; in “BlackKkKlansman,” it is a stereotype the black man can deploy against its creators."

Man oh man!

"Washington’s subtle verbal performance includes one conspicuous flourish, an accentuation of the “H” in “white”— “I love hwite America,” he pledges—which is apparently enough to enchant the awful fraternity. Lee writes the Klan as a collection of buffoons who nearly salivate while beholding their blackface scripture, D. W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation.” Though supposed connoisseurs of whiteness, they cannot detect an impostor in their midst."

This is a solid ass read newyorker.com/culture/cultural

This line:
"The trick of “white voice,” a folkloric joke among black people, becomes, in Riley’s film, a path to self-debasement."

Stanley from The Office:

"Drive fast, leave a sexy corpse."

Well said, Stanley. Well said.

No lie. Some of these pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight I'd 100% pull on my friends lol