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Imma make this clear: I'm not building software for developers.

I'm working to building tools for people.

You shouldn't have to know to maintain and secure a server to have your own independent identity online. You shouldn't need to know what libsodium or similar library to be secure online.

That's my objective.

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Serious question for the /#DecentralizedWeb.

What kind of content do y'all want to see produced in the realm of media?

@deadsuperhero's video really inspires me to get on that boat of content creation (outside of other things) and I want to know from y'all.

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Lemme do a longer .

I'm a software developer. I also like to cook, dance (hip-hop largely, step), read, write, TV crunch and be outdoorsy. I'm a lot ;). I <3 my dog!

I like giving people tools and the notion of autonomy. Especially over data. If you have questions about me, check my faq at If it's not there, let me answer and add it for others to find!

Never feel afraid to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer - or find someone who can.

Yup. And it’s unsurprising that larger companies are blocking any kind of legal progress on this. The void / lack of user privacy / autonomy is a core component of their business model. (

I'm not a very good developer but I am a very excited developer, and that level of excitement in terms of beating myself against problems is an ok substitute for my many deficiencies

We should stop blaming boomers for everything: they're much less likely to go abroad period. And much less likely to fly.

Well-educated yuppies are the most likely to fly, they fly most frequently, and even though the top flyers only comprise 8% of the population, they make about 40% of the passenger miles. (2/3)

Okay, I’m not on @lucy_guo’s status yet but the computer-stretch-row-rehydrate cycle (it’s about two hours per “set”) loop over the last few weeks have me feeling GREAT. (

Wages are theft.

They are an amount of money that is pretended to be the full value of your labour

But the full value of your labour is everything you collectively or individually create

The boss is a thief for paying you mere wages, when they appropriate all your surplus value

This is the crap iPad users complained about Android in 2013, and quickly disappeared as apps updated to be properly responsive. How is this the experience of a multi-billion user major service on “the best tablet?”


Please, Instagram don’t change a thing about how you work on the iPad. Everything is perfect just the way it is.


Because I’m paranoid (ha!), I had an alarm in NodeRed set that if the temperature doesn’t change in a hour to check on the thermostat (which means check my radio receiver).

I forgot to enable said alarm. Hence why my place has been so warm and I haven’t had the reminders to preemptively open the windows because of the rising heat. Whomp whomp. (

Just got another email from a blind user of SourceHut thanking me for caring about accessibility in my work. And honestly, it wasn't difficult. I don't understand why my peers in web development seemingly couldn't give a rat's ass about accessibility. Maybe because at their level of complexity, to them "accessibility" means "a shitload of aira tags and a ton of work", whereas at my level of complexity it means "just keep it simple and don't do anything particularly stupid"

Not gonna lie though, lol, the more one looks at the parallels of the kind of people in industry and that of the history of the world (homogenization of culture, religion and abuse for the benefit of a few); it’s OBVIOUS. But it doesn’t make it right _or_ even something to be triumphed for. We need to do better before we hit a point where it’s TOO difficult to turn back. (

This is a hellscape and for some reason, the industry is touting it as a blessing. Not the fact that you don’t have to see servers, that’s fine; the fact that it’s okay to have ONE person be the flagship of such a concept. (

I’ve been getting better at not _completely_ judging people on who they publicly follow. But it IS a form of endorsement especially when you boost their content and give it traffic. I’ve muted that, Wheeler’s and a few dozen other accounts when I noticed them. (

I always wonder how the world will be once we can synthetize elements from the void. Like it’ll require a lot of power but it’s like amazing to consider. (

I hear today is Memorial Day, so it's a good time to read about some history and how Black America has always been at the forefront of American progress. Always.

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