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Imma make this clear: I'm not building software for developers.

I'm working to building tools for people.

You shouldn't have to know to maintain and secure a server to have your own independent identity online. You shouldn't need to know what libsodium or similar library to be secure online.

That's my objective.

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Serious question for the /#DecentralizedWeb.

What kind of content do y'all want to see produced in the realm of media?

@deadsuperhero's video really inspires me to get on that boat of content creation (outside of other things) and I want to know from y'all.

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Lemme do a longer .

I'm a software developer. I also like to cook, dance (hip-hop largely, step), read, write, TV crunch and be outdoorsy. I'm a lot ;). I <3 my dog!

I like giving people tools and the notion of autonomy. Especially over data. If you have questions about me, check my faq at If it's not there, let me answer and add it for others to find!

Never feel afraid to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer - or find someone who can.

Everything I Know as a Software Developer Without a Degree

(You guys have no idea how jealous I am with this post: Tania managed to create a timeline of what she learnt _from her previous posts_!)

@jalcine asked a question on Birdland and one response was 'ill never be able to network like i do here' or something to that effect.

I chuckled a bit. Bc my Patreon account has only grown from posting about it on here, PV.

Never have I chimed about it on Birdland. I get way more user engagement rates here than I ever do on there

I asked this on Twitter. It's not about Mastodon or the fediverse but about if people had the option to dip, would they do it?

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Jeff Atwood seems to have implemented automated moderator procrastination.

Just ignore the problem until it goes away.

This isn't just centrism, it's forcing centrism on others.

Discourse somehow managed to implement classism into a web bulletin board.

New users are actively discouraged from participating.

Users that have been around a little bit longer can report-bomb posts and basically delete them from the internet.

Anyone who manages to participate long enough gets moderator-like abilities, and Discourse doesn't let the admins turn this anti-feature off.

Discourse is the most user-hostile software in existence.

Most software is just hard to use because it doesn't care.

Discourse actively punishes people for having the audacity to try to use it.

Jeff Atwood professes "complaint-driven development", but most of his development practices seem to be centered around preventing people from giving feedback and punishing them if they slip through.

I'm surprised so many open source projects are using a forum software that does this.

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2019 is going to be a big year for Social.

Keep up to date and support over @

Social simply would not be here if it wasn't for the support of the community and I'm committed to make better tools and services for them.

We can do better, so let's do it.

Of the 40 recorded miracles, 70% of them were just Jesus walking around giving out free healthcare.

The last few weeks has revealed many projects leveraging the fediverse as means of communication are led by people that have a fundamental disrespect of ethics that results in their resulting efforts repeating the same mistakes of the platforms we're allegedly trying to progress beyond.

It's become pretty clear that no only do we just need better tools, we need to tools that break away from the context FB, Twitter, etc have established for using social media.

it's just time to leave it behind.

Technically, I do believe the current tools we see popping up are better built versions of centralized platforms most people use, and that's cool.

But the reason progress is so slow is because we're still clinging to the concepts they ground into us when their were no other options available.

We need to stop building decentralized platforms in the same vein of centralized ones.

And building tools that actually help people *must* be at the center of why we're building them in the first place.

As a veteran graphic designer and developer, of course I want to show the depth of my skill through exotic features and slick ui tricks. I'm just into all of that.

But when that becomes the primary goal of building tools that people are going to use, eventually they contribute nothing to the actual progress of social media and are just an extravagant portfolio piece.

And we can do better. There is so much space to improve.

I think it's time to embrace that and let the past be the past.

That said, the team here at PV are probably going to in and out for the next week or so as we give shape to some new ideas we've been discussing.

If you're a Patreon supporter, you already know what direction we're going to go in. If not, just bear with us and we prep for a public announcement.

This is the part where we create. Stay tuned, friends and lovers.

Ha, seriously if 'improving diversity' is a 'political issue' for you and just not something you should be doing as a not garbage dev, you're probably just a bigot.

Reflection I've had today: broken machines get treated better than broken people.

So I get it. Just don't hide from it too long, even if you aren't American. Shit like this starts one place and spreads like the plague.

There's my end rant for the day. Stupid jokes and tiddies from here on out, at least until tomorrow. 😁

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