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Imma make this clear: I'm not building software for developers.

I'm working to building tools for people.

You shouldn't have to know to maintain and secure a server to have your own independent identity online. You shouldn't need to know what libsodium or similar library to be secure online.

That's my objective.

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Serious question for the /#DecentralizedWeb.

What kind of content do y'all want to see produced in the realm of media?

@deadsuperhero's video really inspires me to get on that boat of content creation (outside of other things) and I want to know from y'all.

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Lemme do a longer .

I'm a software developer. I also like to cook, dance (hip-hop largely, step), read, write, TV crunch and be outdoorsy. I'm a lot ;). I <3 my dog!

I like giving people tools and the notion of autonomy. Especially over data. If you have questions about me, check my faq at If it's not there, let me answer and add it for others to find!

Never feel afraid to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer - or find someone who can.

If you are a Mastodon administrator or moderator you should be protecting your admin/moderator account(s) with two factor authentication and a strong randomly generated password stored in a password manager.

More specifically for Mastodon server admins:

- SSH key auth only on all servers, audit which public keys are in your user accounts
- 2FA on domain registrar, DNS and server provider accounts.

Using DMA to drive the SPI display of #pinetime. It's much faster!

The following video contains 2 clips played in real time, I didn't increase the speed for the second part :)


ext4 disk after a month of no usage: No errors!

NTFS disk after a month of no usage: plz check me, I so buggy.

If more games were on Linux, I’d have no reason to keep Windows to be honest. It’s like speaking English - forced adoption is the biggest reason why we speak it. (

A good read! Once I think I got more reliable tools to help me replace my use of these tools, I’ll do the same. I wish I could do it for Instagram too but they aren’t open in any way (

@github any update on when users will be able to edit OAuth scopes?

This page says it's coming in the future

This page says it's currently possible

I tried a test case and it doesn't appear to be live yet.

@cwebber got featured on boingboing c: it's not quite the same as back before BB became a nightmarish dystopia of ads where all of the regular people had to read it through the forum view, but still!

It's wild how the game industry is absolutely terrified of unionizing.

As if the industry will collapse if we pay people fairly and don't force them to work insane hours.

job seeking & career building as a black person feels so dehumanizing sometimes. literally the only career opportunities i've had are from other black and brown people, or once in a blue moon white people that are actually proven allies (not just say so) and have consistently backed it up with tangible actions. we really have to support each other and create opportunities for each other otherwise nobody else will

MAJOR shout out to this developer based in Lagos who 3 years ago posted the only reasonable "get a React app set up with minor fuss" I have ever encountered. The only change I had to make was installing `babel-loader@7` and `webpack-cli` as dev dependencies.

I’ve always been interested in finding out how things work. If a thing does something, I want to know why, how, and if I can customize it. It should come as no surprise that Windows drove me crazy. 😖 #linux #coding

currently hhhhh over firefox's copy as curl feature

it copies the WHOLE request as a curl command, headers and post data and all
so you can replicate the exact thing in the terminal

Just because something’s popular or widely used doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

English is widely used because of colonization and forced erasure.
Christianity is popular for the same reason.

This can apply for things in tech (or other industries/regions) as well. (

In tech, 'smart' refers to any device that stops working when the company that manufactures it goes out of business, regardless of what it does.

I was going to work on WIA-ARIA tags, too, but it turns out SourceHut is already basically good to go because it's already built out of semantically relevant HTML components, does very little magic, and doesn't use JavaScript to fiddle with things at runtime

I think I’m going to start bothering people to play games with me on stream now. Or just to talk and hang out publicly.

It’s a vibe and I got a nice mic. (

So I have a lot of prints (like 30+). Where do people get frames for A1, A3 and legal sized prints in the Bay that won’t result in me spending $8,000? Lol.

Extra points for a local business because we support them. (

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