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Imma make this clear: I'm not building software for developers.

I'm working to building tools for people.

You shouldn't have to know to maintain and secure a server to have your own independent identity online. You shouldn't need to know what libsodium or similar library to be secure online.

That's my objective.

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Serious question for the /#DecentralizedWeb.

What kind of content do y'all want to see produced in the realm of media?

@deadsuperhero's video really inspires me to get on that boat of content creation (outside of other things) and I want to know from y'all.

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Lemme do a longer .

I'm a software developer. I also like to cook, dance (hip-hop largely, step), read, write, TV crunch and be outdoorsy. I'm a lot ;). I <3 my dog!

I like giving people tools and the notion of autonomy. Especially over data. If you have questions about me, check my faq at If it's not there, let me answer and add it for others to find!

Never feel afraid to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer - or find someone who can.

I hear Apple has finally put a FullHD display in their phone 🎉

Normalize talking about how much you're paid with your co-workers.

It is the only way people will truly realize the income disparity between themselves and their just-as-qualified queer and/or BIPoC friends and colleagues.

This should be normal in ever industry. The fact it isn't is actively aiding executives in systemically discriminating against minority groups.

Reading this, I keep hearing other people’s voices who I’ve had to once quiz like this who always wanted to play “both sides” for stuff like this. I’m bookmarking this to remind myself to go work out instead. (

From my site, I can just “mute” replies to this post after a particular time. Which means my notifications in Monocle look so sane, lol. (

Good question! I want things that talk about tech, sure, but also focus on the people building it, the value it provides to the community outside of what business dictates, etc. (

Okay, I’ll bite. Name a non-yucky tech podcast that you don’t mind tuning into once a week. I really only have @shanselman’s and like two others on weekly updates in the general Linux community. (

iPhone SE is getting 720p video—not even full HD. If you stream 1080p, you might get a tiny benefit, as your screen can show a few more pixels than 720p. You could could set up 8 iPhone SEs (iPhones SE?) and spread a 4K video over it, and still not be showing the full resolution.

I keep seeing iPhone users talk about watching 4K video… Literally no iPhone has a screen able to physically display a 4K video. You’re not watching 4K anything.

iPhone SE: 1334×750
iPhone 11: 1792×828
iPhone 11 Pro: 2436×1125
iPhone 11 Pro Max: 2688×1242

4K: 3840×2150

wow: #curl is moving to a RustTLS backend – initially opt-in, but the plan is to make it the default eventually.

I did *not* see that coming. I thought we might one day get a #rust alternative to curl, but curl itself embracing Rust is quite the vote of confidence.

(imo, more meaningful that FAANG's recent/continuing rust love)

I’ve ported my (WIP) Fedi client to GTK4!

If you want another look at the porting process, see here:

Thanks again to @bilelmoussaoui for his quick work on libhandy bindings, and @exalm for the libhandy GTK4 port!

Plasma 5.20, by all accounts a massive release, is here. Plasma 5.20 comes with tons of new features and improvements which will make your Plasma desktop experience easier, smoother and more fun.

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