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I'm trying out playvicious to see how it fits. My other account is I'm white; and afab; casually jewish and seriously pissed. I live in .

I talk about and and physical and . I bitch about power structures. Also television shows, , and infrastructure.

Pronouns: he, she, and they are all fine. I like variety.

my pronouns are she/her/'); DROP TABLE Genders;--

$$ ask 

remember remember the fourth the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the gunpowder the treason hallelujah

the trick to eating messy soft shell tacos is to just put another tortilla across your plate so, when you're done with a few tacos, the parts you dropped become a new taco!

I fucking saw an old old dog in a baby stroller at this neighborhood festival. The owner said 'she is really old and can't walk a lot but she likes to see people'
I cried

Selfie no face, plastic model of a body part 

Formal academia isn't for everyone; Strong language 

Body image & gender presentation 

Chair With Abandoned Cheese, London, 2019, artist unknown.

teaching how to play and selling kazoos at a festival to smashed people and watching the horror on the face of their friends as you walk away is pure 100% clown.

I feel like I need to block pawoo dot net? I keep getting pornbots from them following me.

:Trek: and Picard opinions/predictions 

It's so weird how I can, like, _feel_ when my toenails have nail polish on them? Like, I feel like my toes can't breathe. That's super weird.

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