idea: first episode of a show we show a black witch re-casting an HRT spell.

"A year and a day, should be permanent now."

And then the show moves on. Not entirely ignoring that she's trans but not exclusively focusing on it either. Sometimes it matters more that she's a woman, sometimes that she's black, sometimes that she's trans, mostly that she's a witch.

Stories about our struggles are important but sometimes you just wanna see trans gals living their lives.

There was a text game I played once where every some number of days when your character woke up the first thing you had to do was apply a new estrogen glyph and the first time it happened I was like "omg" I don't remember the name of that game anymore sadly.

@imani the Broken Earth books did this really well too, with Tonkee

mentioned when relevant, but not exclusively focussed on

@imani *coughs* that's more or less the story i'm writing *coughs* (that and she's a huge sapphic gal lol)


this is what i really like about trans characters in yoon ha lee's stuff. like, his hexarchate series still has transphobia existing in universe but, it was the first experience i think i ever had of reading a story and getting a few paragraphs into dialogue with a new character before realizing -- oh this character uses they/them pronouns. and it's not a thing that deserves attention because the author has established enbies exist, and most folks don't care.


ugh and non-op trans people exist, and when it is relevant it is relevant and when it isn't it isn't which just, blew my little mind

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