If someone who doesn't know you wouldn't be able to tell you meant it as satire, consider not posting it publically then.

But also consider, if a random person who doesn't know you wouldn't be able to tell its satire, it isn't.

This isn't intended as a mastodon specific statement. Some folks have chimed in about CWs but like...that is a salient but wholly separate point.

@imani Damn, person! You had me confused for a minute. "Who the hell is this person and when did I follow them?"

How you doing?

@imani Par for course right now, but still not fun. Hope you can get in some self care and shit.

@imani I probably need to be better about this tbh

@imani If you're not sure how to do that, consider either (a) doing a more coherent and thought-out satire or (b) at the very least CWing "satire"*.

(and apologizing for not putting enough work into it, if you still wanna do it even though you can't do the correct thing, which is (a).)

(* That said PROTIP you can/should CW even if you think it's pretty unambiguous.)

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