You dont need a reason to block, mute, or defederate, its your boundary to set for whatever reason or lack of a reason you like.

If you want to block someone because their display name has a prime number of characters, weird but go ahead!

I didn't realize before I made this post that my display name is in fact a prine number of characters and to anyone who blocks me because of this....well it doesn't matter what I say because you've blocked me already I guess but that's okay!

@imani about a month ago i was considering muting a mufo bc they had a habit of posting long, un-CW'd threads/rants that took up my whole timeline. i voiced this to some fedi folks in a discord, and well...someone took real exception to that and called me a "timeline landlord", and a liberal.

@Absolutely_Blakely fuck that. There are a bunch of folks on here I like but don't follow because I want my timeline to tend a certain way. no shame in that at all.

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