Who out there can I commission to draw a black woman with a fusion of cowgirl and witch aesthetics?

@imani love this concept and i would be very into it but i understand if u prefer to commission a black artist 🖤

I'd prefer that but will keep you in mind when I get to actually moving on this.

@imani of course! i’ll send artists your way as well if any come to mind :)

@imani I could 110% do this for you, but same as Fanny totally dig if you'd rather a black artist. I'm around if you can't find one though, or have other equally badass concepts that want love! :)

@imani You absolutely must post this when you have it! I mean, just the hat choices alone! Do you go with cowboy or witchy? Or some combo of the two? Ahh! I didn’t know I needed this!

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