"Some friends are discussing how to de-colonialize their games and/or how to address colonialism within their games. ... Can you suggest some resources, links, or articles for us?"

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okay there are a bunch of links in the thread so i won't port them all over but what thoughts do folks have here on the subject of de-colonizing games or addressing colonialism within them?

This question makes me think of spirit Island, a fantastic co-op board game where you and your friends work together to terrify or murder the fuck out of the invading colonists to your island.

Just in case this was too subtle the scenarios that exist for a more difficult game give fantastical names to the colonists invading your island like "The English", or "The Spanish" or "The Dutch"

😂 *snort* 😂

This year, I'm going to be reskinning a campy sci-fi 4x web game from the mid-1990s to satirize American imperialism. Living in the US, benefiting from imperialism, and having our news filtered through the perceptions of the anglospere, I think most of us don't realize how transparent US aggression is to the rest of the world. With "Cis Het Austerity Capitalism In Space," decolonizers should be crying, "I can't believe they went there..."

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