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idea: squat tech.

A research firm that develops things to raise the quality of life for people squatting in places they don't rent or own.

Lighter more portable cheap solar panels and storage batterys to keep power going. Spray on insulation for places that don't have any heat. etc.

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Confront the darkness within yourself and emerge victorious, bathed in the viscera of your inner demons, born anew.

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Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead.

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New goal, get a follower on every instances so that my digital footprint will be preserved across the fediverse. Every new instance is a new phylactery for me.

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pretty hype for all the local news interviews about the fediverse is when #Deni2020 wins

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hey guys please tag dog images. They're a trigger for me and when you don't even mention that it's a dog in the image description (for example), my filter can't detect it

plz and thank

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so my half-asleep brain saw "AGAB" and read it as "assigned genders are bastards"

Which is probably the best mix up my brain has ever provided me

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I can’t wait til the multiverse dc movie comes out and all the jokers are together thanks to modern technology just being able to steal faces for film

Shitposts? Oh, you mean my freeform observational poetry?

only person i'll ever pay to build my brand is a blacksmith

can i get a yee haw

Asking for a friend:

Anyone know a good employment lawyer in WA state who would work pro bono? I suspect that requiring someone to have a car for a single location desk job is not legal.

boosts appreciated

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