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idea: squat tech.

A research firm that develops things to raise the quality of life for people squatting in places they don't rent or own.

Lighter more portable cheap solar panels and storage batterys to keep power going. Spray on insulation for places that don't have any heat. etc.

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Confront the darkness within yourself and emerge victorious, bathed in the viscera of your inner demons, born anew.

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Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead.

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New goal, get a follower on every instances so that my digital footprint will be preserved across the fediverse. Every new instance is a new phylactery for me.

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Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


πŸ“£β€‹ BOOST!

cw: eye contact

hey friends!

i'm a 31 yo brown queer femme currently living in nyc. i'm a visual designer by trade. i spend time on here talking about my experiences, my culture, the diaspora, mental health, and my queer self/friends/family.

i sometimes post 420 videos but a lot of you already know that.

please respect my space. only dm me if we're mutuals. and please do not give me unsolicited advice.


tired: all robots are good at programming
wired: robots aren’t necessarily good at programming any more than humans are good at biology
inspired: all robots are taught the basics of how to program their own hardware in order to ensure self-determination and self-control, and all humans are taught the same so they can have control over their inbuilt hormone/neurotransmitter control systems

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why is it always the year of our lord like fuck off let someone else get a year

someone should buy the domain and make a way that you can enter in an employer and commit to unionizing. Then whenever a workplace hit a large enough percentage of workers it emails them putting them in touch with the IWW

:blobsadleft: : [extremely painful, honest, personal, post]

:blobthinkingsmirk: : [extremely painful, honest, personal post + "lmao"]

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via twitter:

"Hey there! Welcome to the official Twitter account for The Okra Project! We hire Black Trans chefs to provide FREE meals to Black Trans/GNC people experiencing food insecurity. Donate @ and learn more about us below! [Thread]"

I think this is a great organization and want to bring awareness of it too mastodon and hopefully get other folks to spread the word.

A boat is safe in harbor but that's not what boats are for.

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My body is a temple no one prays at.

My body is a temple too many people have prayed at.

My body is a temple and the basket for donations feel shame.

My body is a temple and its altar is made of mugs of sea water and things on fire.

My body is a temple, it attracts cats that sleep on the stairs, nap in the windows and jump on the roof.

My body is a temple that wants to be a woman that wants to be a monster that wants to be a god.

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