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idea: squat tech.

A research firm that develops things to raise the quality of life for people squatting in places they don't rent or own.

Lighter more portable cheap solar panels and storage batterys to keep power going. Spray on insulation for places that don't have any heat. etc.

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Confront the darkness within yourself and emerge victorious, bathed in the viscera of your inner demons, born anew.

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Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead.

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New goal, get a follower on every instances so that my digital footprint will be preserved across the fediverse. Every new instance is a new phylactery for me.

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mtg, vore, storytelling 

Selfie, eye contact, hoodie dress 

all right let's start a fediverse game studio I can do programming so need a writer and animator a sound person and a qa person who's in?

no more mood or same in 2020, it's all so say we all.

This is doing the numbers today. who knew combining revolution and memes would be popular on the fediverse?

The proletariat can have a little revolution, as a treat.

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I apologise to my adoring public for the startling lack of selfie yesterday.

lewd, monsters 

now I'm thinking about Dead by Daylight cosplay thanks to @denikombucha I'm more sad then ever at the failure of my legion mask to get delivered.


You call me a hot mess but all I hear is you agreeing that I'm hot.

People always ask when will I be someone's ? But they never ask how will I be someone's .

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Against transphobia, #TransphobiaIsASin, context 

Against transphobia, #TransphobiaIsASin, twitter link 

Let's do a bias exercise (4/4) 

Let's do a bias exercise (3/) 

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