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idea: squat tech.

A research firm that develops things to raise the quality of life for people squatting in places they don't rent or own.

Lighter more portable cheap solar panels and storage batterys to keep power going. Spray on insulation for places that don't have any heat. etc.

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Confront the darkness within yourself and emerge victorious, bathed in the viscera of your inner demons, born anew.

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Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead.

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mtg, vore, storytelling 

Story idea 

Story idea 

voilence, social economic class 

Selfie, eye contact 

Eye contact, mask, selfie video, undescribed video 

if any of you want to mess around with modifying your voice realtime for recording or anything I encountered this which seems to be doing the thing:

Those are mighty bold words for someone still in fireball range.

re: uspol, covid, rent 

uspol, covid, rent 

If someone has run out of hope, how can we lend them some of ours?

Please provide suggestions.

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Sweet mother, I cannot code-
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.”

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mh, covid adjacent 

Whats up fediverse, we overthrowing anything today?

Nah? mkay wake me up when its time.

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