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If you don't get a raise at least equal to inflation you're getting a paycut.

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Confront the darkness within yourself and emerge victorious, bathed in the viscera of your inner demons, born anew.

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Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead.

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New goal, get a follower on every instances so that my digital footprint will be preserved across the fediverse. Every new instance is a new phylactery for me.

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idea: ability to add a content warning to a boost.

I know you can make a new toot with a link to the old one and put a CW on that but maybe the interface could take out those manual steps?

Would be neat to be able to add CW to boosts and captions to images in boosts.

I guess this is basically adding quote tweet functionality to mastodon which probably has some good reasons for not being around? hmmm....

proposal for compiler warning levels:
· You can do that.
· You can probably do that.
· You shouldn't do that.
· You really, really should not do that.
· I'm not letting you do that.
· You actually can't do that.

How do we cultivate curiosity? What stifles it? Both in ourselves and in others?

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never date someone you wouldn't commit an act of eco terrorism with

Who got the best selfie game on the known fedi tho?

how do you practice conflict in a safe environment to work on being afraid of conflict/conflict avoidant?

god, christ and the holy spirit: or, the divine polycule

This might be my pattern. If this is accurate I am in the excited and scatterbrained phase. How can I transition from this to feeling better and focused instead of frustrated and upset?

First step I think is to be gentler with myself about my current lack of focus. Second is to try and find ways to channel/focus my excitement into brief productive periods.

In this essay I will...

tl is looking slow today. time to spin the discourse wheel.
*spins wheel* bi people
*pulls slip of paper out of a hat* liked a tweet by, and therefore support,
*throws dart at a corkboard covered in pictures* ronald reagan

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instead of posting a list for just tell your friends you love them.

apparently spotted at the McDonalds in Penn Station. I'm going to try to swing by and get a picture myself before it's gone

The future millennials are building is one where you can be a working professional and share your nudes online

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