HugOps to @thegibson who's doing maintenance on today

I should clarify: it wasn't in their yards.

All my plants are in pots in the areas designated as part of my apartment.

Neighbors: spends thousands of dollars a year on landscaping

Me, local witch: plants dandelions on purpose


I wonder how frequently their are pulling down my posts. 🤔

Anyways what's up to tracking my accounts on behalf of the Ex. Hi. Please go away.

covid-19 adjacent 

For all the greed and asshattery, there are a lot of people doing good and doing the best they can to do good. That's keeping me going.

staying thankful for the little things like coffee

good morning

Birthday Posting 

re: lazy web question, food 

lazy web question, food 

design inspiration, cursed image 

Holy smokes a stock image site that lets you buy individual pieces without signing up for an account.

#art #design #StockImages #VectorImages #VectorArt

positive NextDoor story 

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