I still remember this one drama where a black girl started some shit with the cops to protect her non-black girlfriend and the girlfriend was like "You don't understand, cops are dangerous to me"

I'm sorry QUOI

I saw this thread on the birdsite: twitter.com/michaelharriot/sta

By @michaelharriot about shit we see in movies regarding black characters that let us know the director, writers, production staff aren't black. Like, we know.

Happy Black Culture Month to James Baldwin! πŸ’— :blackheartsparkle:​

Anyway, in much more fun news, I created a collection of songs from the hottest era of emo: open.spotify.com/playlist/32WN

In case you want to know what all the fuss is about.

"The First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave - Who fought for queer freedom a century before Stonewall."
by Channing Gerard Joseph


Production times don't magically shrink the longer you wait.

me: If you give me feedback by this date, we will finish the project by that date.

Clients: OK

Clients: *ghost me for 3 weeks*

me: *push delivery date by 3 weeks*

Clients: :pika:​

honey thinks i'm joking but wait until The Cure come around, i'm dragging his ass to that too

boooooooys doooooon't crrrrrrryy

and without you is how i disappear and live my life alone forever now~


- sore throat: tea with honey, not too hot, should be warm to the touch but you should be able to hold it for a while without burning yourself. if it's too hot, it'll make your sore throat hurt. honey is necessary.

- runny eyes: get some allergy medicine. claritin or allegra should work.

- headache: where is it? if your teeth or nose hurt, it could be sinuses

*sad white boy voice* i dream of the winter in my heart turning to spriiiiing while the ice gives way under my feeeeeeeeet

@guerrillablack A bold new interpretation of the old philosophical quandary: are we human or are we dancer?

Maybe I'll use this account for music and culture and the other for opinions and lifestyle? does that even make sense? am i human or am i flautist who knows

but imma take my nikon dslr with the 70-300mm lense good LOL

So I finally got tickets in my city all the way in the back lmao

So then, I tried to look at the queue for other cities and Toronto had no queue but all the affordable tickets were gone and the cheapest tickets were CAD 250 each πŸ˜ͺ​ same with Denver.

It was so hard getting tickets. I sat on the page for 40 minutes until I was allowed in the Waiting Room, and then I said in the Waiting Room for 10 minutes and then it was time but the page didn't refresh so I did it myself and next thing you know, there are 4000 people in the queue ahead of me.

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