I forget a lot of times that, despite masto being a hella progressive space (at times), it is still very very very white. Like hella white. And even though many of the white folks on my end of the fediverse identify as anti-racist... sometimes the unbelievable whiteness still slips through.

When people of color talk about their experiences with racism, it is never one small thing. It's a lot of things. It's a tsunami of things.

We don't wake up one day and just decide to blame all of our problems and our incompetences on white people.

From the instant we become aware of our place in the world, we are told again and again and again that, because of our race, we will struggle. And when we forget, when we surpass, when we get a little bit of happiness, racism knocks us down again.

So when we say "Wow, white people are really fucking horrible to us," it isn't JUST because Becky Sue cut us in line at Starbucks. It's because of that, and the 39875297592789871 other things that have happened to us without consequence since we were 4 years old.

When racist shit happens to us, half of the time, we don't even *realize* that it was racist at first. We lose on promotions at work and think, "What if I just wasn't good enough?" "Maybe Becky Sue was having a bad day." "Maybe I misheard and he didn't actually say 'nigger'."

From the very earliest stages, we give the benefit of the doubt. We excuse away and convince ourselves that we just misunderstood, that there is some other angle. We need more information, let's not jump to conclusions.

Blaming white supremacy takes time and understanding. We have a tsunami of occurrences that no longer make it a coincidence.

We start to notice every twitch, every gaze that lingers too long, every word and its connotations, every pattern of behavior and word of praise and insult.

The reason white people do not recognize racism is because you don't have 24 years of experience studying, dodging, and crumbling under it.

So when we say, "Well this was hella racist," maybe you should just trust us on this?

Class dismissed, you may all pay me in samoyed photos and videos.

@GinnyMcQueen pretty sure I've seen this video like 10 times and it is still good

@guerrillablack Intersectional Feminist Samoyed is dedicated to dismantling racism in all its forms. Intersectional Feminist Samoyed offers licks to humans performing emotional labor.


Right. After giving it a bit of thinking (some last two years, perhaps, on and off), I agree in most cases with diagnosis.

Now you wrote:

"We start to notice every twitch, every gaze that lingers too long, every word and its connotations, every pattern of behavior and word of praise and insult."


"You expect THEM to be horrible. You learn every second of history class and in literature, in movies and in real life. You know they're arrogant."

(intentionally replaced "white cis men" with "THEM", to make a point -- see below).

New people from all sides enter the battlefield that was set up long before they were born. They usually know next to nothing about the history and context and they are molded through whatever education system they were accidentally born into. So they seamlessly fall into predefined ranks. And they become soldiers of the cause they had never a chance to evaluate critically.

This is how the oppression and struggle perpetuate: not through individual choices, but through social and institutional memories.

I hear your voice and I pay attention (which doesn't mean I trust blindly) because I do NOT come from an ex-colonial society and my molding is definitively un-American. :D

But only a tiny fraction of those bred, born and raised to support oppressors' ranks will ever here it, let alone listen.

I have no solution for that, I would just open a conversation about ways to dismantle the whole battlefield. US and other ex-colonial societies are deeply ingrained unhealed feeling of guilt, protected by denial and other coping mechanisms. Due to their cultural and political influence, it blocks healing of the whole humanity.
We probably have to do something with it. All together.

@lauraritchie So much shit in the world can be counteracted by having a good teacher omg

@guerrillablack I hear about implicit bias a lot around sexism, but it occurs to me it's pretty huge in race issues as well. You can think of yourself as not racist, and grow up believing that, but still be woefully unaware of that aspect of reality.

@feoh Anti-racism is forever a processing of learning and interrogating what you know/believe to be true. You cannot be anti-oppression if you don't reflect internally. Yeap.

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