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cis white women are my mortal enemies. Show more

~Pride rainbow doesn't need black and brown stripes but also no fats no blacks no rice and I like my vajayjays pink~

~Solidarity and unity and my spirit animal is a sassy black woman~

Cracking up at Brendon Urie coming out as pansexual and being racist in the same interview but the white queers only care about one of those things πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

uspol, why are we still rehashing 2016 results Show more

You want to see how 'down' white people are?

Hold them accountable for the system they benefit from.

That will show where they stand real quick.

uspol, why are we still rehashing 2016 results Show more

And this ALSO doesn't deal with the reality that black Americans in particular are constantly told we have neither culture nor roots.

People are so cruel.

And let's not even broach the topic of how these companies prey on black people for this exact reason and then collude and scam to keep the rights over your DNA and hang around with law enforcement.

but go off, I guess.

I'll just unwind the family tree that was passed down among generation after generation on the plantations where we weren't allowed to read and just look it up. Wow, so easy.

"this doesn't give you any access to your culture!!!!!"

yeah well my ancestors were stolen, forbidden from practicing their language and culture, and were subject to over two hundred years of brutal slavery and colonialism so SORRY, Paul, if I'm curious about what region of the goddamn giant CONTINENT my origins come from. I can't just ask my mama.

so what is Pleroma about anyway?

in a nutshell, it's about autonomy. it's about social media autonomy for every person on the planet. all 7.6 billion of us. nobody else telling us to do, what to say, and nobody else forcing us to see things we don't want to see.

this means Pleroma is being built for an entirely new scale of fediverse: one with billions of nodes. it's also why Pleroma supports alternative transports such as TOR and I2P out of the box.

it also is a major differentiator between Pleroma and Mastodon. in the Mastodon model, there's maybe a few million islands which host a few thousand people each. to contrast, in our model, everyone who wants to host their own instance does so. that means everyone can choose to have total social media freedom.

but it's not just social media, we also intend to use the same underlying tech to enable real-time communications with the same capabilities as the social media side of things.

and it's universal: different frontends for different preferences. like Mastodon but don't have the resources to run it? use Pleroma with Mastodon frontend and apps. like GNU social? Pleroma's default frontend was modelled after it. like diaspora* but want to talk to your fediverse friends? use Feather. like the alternative Mastodon frontends like Pinafore and Brutaldon? they work too.

hate spam and harrassment? we have a mostly as yet untapped framework called MRF which can be leveraged to automate moderation of an instance.

want to modify it? drop by #pleroma on freenode and we help with that too.

when you're grouchy about something someone said on masto, is that a tootache

thoughts on anger Show more

It is actually a talent how much I fuck up idiomatic expressions.

Today I have said:

- I drive a hard ship.
- Gonna play in the shark waters a lil bit.
- The last drop of piss in the bucket.
- The hammer that sticks out gets nailed down.


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