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Okay friends, announcement:

@guerrillarain is my wholesome, creative, party-hardy, witchy, goofy, non-discourse MAIN account. Follow for lock-picking, music, TV, book, botched idioms, etc.

@guerrillagengo remains my language study thing.

@guerrillablack (this one) is discourse, politics, and activism focused.

Follow (and unfollow if applicable) accordingly. Hopefully I won't have to do this again. โœจ

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Okay so anti-racism allies, let's talk.

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cis white women are my mortal enemies. Show more

This Asian-American and Pacific Islander Month, let's remember that the US overthrew the Hawaiian government, many native Hawaiians live in poverty and are homeless, and their homes, their burial grounds, their lands are still being converted into vacation spots and golf courses and targets for the haole.

I mean, it's true, but the story was originally supposed to be about shedding your skin and being who you wanna be lmao

I unintentionally went on a rant about white women weaponizing their tears and playing the victim in my short story lmao

uspol + attack on white culture (mention of death) Show more

I am redacting the Marlon Brando thing bc he's been accused of abuse so nevermind.

I don't want answers. I want results.

attack on white culture (mention of police brutality) /3 Show more

uspol + attack on white culture (mention of death) /2 Show more

uspol + attack on white culture (mention of death) Show more

@guerrillablack Self-righteous drivers > self-righteous cyclists > self-righteous pedestrians when it comes to unpleasantness, I think.

(for the record, I'm just as grouchy when I see cars do fucked up shit which is also a daily occurrence.)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I can't wait until I move to a city with decent fucking infrastructure so I don't have to drive anymore.

My biggest gripe with this is that when you do shit nobody expects, other users of the road (usually cars) might react unpredictably, potentially leading to an accident.

@guerrillablack Honestly my bigger concern is when they're riding the shoulder of the road but don't know how to fucking ride a bike and keep swerving as they pedal.

@guerrillablack Crossing at a red... sometimes it's daredevil outlaw behavior, sometimes (if they slow down and look) it's simply practical - they're usually sitting far further forward relative to the front of their vehicle than a driver would be, and sitting pretty high up, and therefore can see cross traffic more easily before they cross.

And, it takes a fair amount of energy to get going at speed again, unless you have an e-bike.

@guerrillablack and that's where laziness/conserving energy comes into play, because it's a pain to do a full stop then get back up to speed. of course yielding to pedestrians should come first, but i think the idaho stop is a good policy.