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Other notes about me:

- Sagittarius
- Millennial
- Western New York born and raised
- Witchy
- Languages are also my thing. I speak French and Japanese, and can understand Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Italian. Passively learning Swedish, Finnish, and Esperanto.

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Since I'm reviving this account, I'll do another post.

Hey, I'm Guerrilla (or you can call me Poe Daddy, both work). Am hella black of the femme variety.

I work in web design and I write fiction and I am a classical musician. Also big metal fan.

This account is for discourse and goofing around, and my other account @guerrillarain is more work shenanigans and dog mom life and my creative endeavors. Holla holla.

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cis white women are my mortal enemies. 

asking for help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

My brain: I wanna stay home forever.

Work: You gotta stay home.

My brain: Wait no what the fuck

anxiety and covid-19, a joke 

I still remember this one drama where a black girl started some shit with the cops to protect her non-black girlfriend and the girlfriend was like "You don't understand, cops are dangerous to me"

I'm sorry QUOI

I saw this thread on the birdsite:

By @michaelharriot about shit we see in movies regarding black characters that let us know the director, writers, production staff aren't black. Like, we know.

Happy Black Culture Month to James Baldwin! πŸ’— :blackheartsparkle:​

Anyway, in much more fun news, I created a collection of songs from the hottest era of emo:

In case you want to know what all the fuss is about.

Production times don't magically shrink the longer you wait.

me: If you give me feedback by this date, we will finish the project by that date.

Clients: OK

Clients: *ghost me for 3 weeks*

me: *push delivery date by 3 weeks*

Clients: :pika:​

honey thinks i'm joking but wait until The Cure come around, i'm dragging his ass to that too

boooooooys doooooon't crrrrrrryy

and without you is how i disappear and live my life alone forever now~

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