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all pinned toots on my main also apply here btw

i don't wanna copy them all here just to pin them

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

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hello ! my main account is over at @gingerrroot for more info about me personally

i got this to check out PV and maybe have a place to focus on more ~art~

i dabble in occasionally, and i'm hoping to get back into / / creating in general more offline as well. i also love and as art / self expression. i also like (**media sensitive for eye contact**)

i do some as well, but not in a long while


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*shakes fist in the air*

use image descriptions u jerks

either use the not so good UI

or use the massive character count we have and include it within the text of the post

anyway, i made a ko-fi account if you want to follow

don't feel an obligation to fund until you see something you like later on (or if u just believe in me, that's cool too)

cool looks like it’s just a wonky little bug on my end. that’s good to hear.

1$ per image and i'll describe it for you so you don't have to

get rid of follower counts

also stop worrying an obsessing over them

toot app has my pinned toots repeated on my@one page but in browser it doesn’t show up as repeating so idk ???

are my pinned toots on this profile pinned twice to anyone?

Colorado has approved an amendment to the state's constitution that strips language still present in the U.S. Constitution's 13th Amendment — which bans slavery, "except as a punishment."

your descriptions never have to be perfect and describe every small details.

describe it as if you’re telling your friend about a new image you saw and asking if they saw it. “hey did you see that picture of the small yellow dog being tossed into the deep snow?”

your alt text could just be [a small yellow dog being tossed into deep snow]

just do your best!!

also, here are two (very thorough) guides for image descriptions

you don't necessarily need to be as detailed as outlined in these, but if you struggle figuring out what to say these will help!

caption ur damn images

especially if they're screen caps of text

even selfies, even memes.

use the UI or use our massive character count

there's no excuse tbh

push yourself to remember and do better for others.

it’s supposed to snow next saturday??

i was hoping to hold off packing a bag in case i have to stay at work until after thanksgiving

(there's no need to DM me for personal information, especially if you've literally never interacted with me before)

i will happily boost ur art

as long as there is alt text in the UI or in the post describing the image

i need to get holiday themed undies so i can post holiday nudes.

sorry there aren’t specific halloween ones this year

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not just women you find attractive
not just women you know personally
not just women who you deem "worthy"

give your money to women at every opportunity or die, basically.

hate capitalism? dismantle it by giving your money to those of us it oppresses the worst: WOMEN.
give you money to trans women
give your money to women of Color
give your money to women with disabilities/disfigurement
give your money to women with chronic illnesses
give your money to WOMEN

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