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all pinned toots on my main also apply here btw

i don't wanna copy them all here just to pin them

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

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hello ! my main account is over at @gingerrroot for more info about me personally

i got this to check out PV and maybe have a place to focus on more ~art~

i dabble in occasionally, and i'm hoping to get back into / / creating in general more offline as well. i also love and as art / self expression. i also like (**media sensitive for eye contact**)

i do some as well, but not in a long while


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*shakes fist in the air*

use image descriptions u jerks

either use the not so good UI

or use the massive character count we have and include it within the text of the post

bloop here's what it'll look like

just clean and simple, nothing fancy bc i know very little


I'll be passing the :greatcat: donation bucket around a little more this month due to hospitaling. Thank you for your boosts and love. ❤️

What #Trauma Took From Me talks about grief/loss as related to #SexualViolence

this is a personal post with a psychoeducation base, hoping to reframe how we view and talk about #grief and #loss.

it includes my annotated bibliography (and links to the articles) i used for a similar topic i did in school.

the post is for patrons-only until thursday, when it will go live.

i made a cute little recoloring of perler bead ram

(esty shop where original ram was being sold/where i got the image:

i used an expanded stardew valley sheep pallet to recreate it :)

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aaaaand one last little change to add some dithering to the base line of the city/hill so it fades into the transparency better :)

i took out the green background color, but left everything else the same

i like it transparent better?

little baby round logo (mainly for discord use)

i made it small on purpose because i just wanted it to be a little project. it was tough working on that scale and i'm not sure how i feel about the colors but overall i am Content

@Mrfroglegs oh yay!!! that's so exciting.

i'm hoping to secure/set up hosting next month when i have more time/money and play around with admin tools to get familiar for a little bit as a single user instance

any/all updates will be under from either this account, or my main @gingerrroot

here is the transparent logo for a new instance i hope to set up soon!

it will be themed, obviously. i hope to use images from the game as emojis, or commission or make a similar set, and have a "mail bot" that generates letters like the mail you get in the game. users can opt-in to be a sender of a message, ideally

i'm not very tech savvy but i want to try. and i am decent with so i figured i'd start designing now that i own the domain

here is my story

#MeToo #TitleIX

the post contains details of sexual assault/rape, victim blaming, threats of violence and rape

i also break down the Title IX process a bit to show how it can go horribly wrong 🙃

please read if you can.

How to Support Victims/Survivors goes through a breif overlay of responding to disclosure of trauma, then jumps big into resources for educating and financially support organizations that educate others and protect survivors

#TitleIX #SexualViolence

Some content may be triggeirng for discussion of trauma/sexual violence


added my little stardew sprite that i made to look like me/with custom clothes to the scene

a little more done. house recolored to be closer to the Big Coop colors because i like it better

that's probably all i'll do today. i'm not sure what else to do since it's just kind of a mock up of an idea lmao

here's a little more done. recoloring of the lighthouse is basically done. perspective for the catwalk is better.

ok so i took some of the already made buildings from in an attempt to create a cute lighthouse home

i want to recolor the brick to be stone like the house chimney, but it's difficult and tedious and i tire

i also need to get the perspective better on the littel catwalk around the light, and the roof of the lighthouse won't be red. and i want to recolor the actual house too

but u get the idea of what i'm going for

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