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tenderly still,
somber seas,
the passing gusts
stir me gently

father, amateur poet, sincere, conflicted, frustrated, restless, vain, flawed and unapologetically human.

native Angeleno, looking for my creativity again

i care about empty words

hoping to find a home in this instance

I was using mastodon's new detect text from image feature to add alt text to this picture for another site.

Regular use of this feature may result in weird out-of-context toots

ibs treatment:

eat a whole bunch of leaves/foliage to form an seal

putting on a comically oversized bib before digging in on some

dim brain: Minecraft is fun!
woke brain: Minecraft is colonialist propaganda programming the brains of children to accept and imitate imperialism.
galaxy brain: Minecraft is fun!

christening my warship "The Bulging Bungus"

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