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Threat of harrassment, David Bond, Gab 

Kendell you’re an angel and I’ll love you 4 the rest of my life :blobheartcat:

@Are0h Yup. The solution is easy: Actively kick 'em the fuck out (or preferably, don't let 'em in in the first place). Doing so does not violate anyone's rights, so any excuses are purely out of indifference and just not giving a shit about the ones hurt by the inaction.

@StevenMapel @Are0h

Use the #DavidBond hashtag.

Also, I don't follow back anyone whose account is entirely empty apart from their queries to a mod having serious issues w/racists. Maybe you think it looks friendly but it's in fact pretty creepy.

@ArtistMarciaX the both sides people are on one side, and it’s not ours

Ways to deal with Nazi infiltrators 

I don't know who this David Bond cat is and frankly I don't give a fuck, but what I do know is that he's specifically going after Brown and Black folks, so any instance that does deal with his shit today is straight out getting blocked.

We keep telling y'all that being 'neutral' enables this kind of targeted bullshit to happen.

Like I said yesterday, if the dividing line between our solidarity is us defending ourselves from this type of bigotry, then we're just going to be divided.

wow look at this pastebin of ice agents i just accidentally posted
sure would be bad if a bunch of people saved copies of this, sure hope nobody does that

I’m so tired of people calling the calling out of racism “drama” and saying it’s “cancel culture.”

Grow the fuck up and hold people accountable, especially the young ones.

Because they’re obviously not being held accountable by anyone else and

that’s a p r o b l e m.

so now this Bond guy is targeting our ppl

how do you freedom of speech and 'online harassment isnt really an action' type ppl feel now??

@ConnyDuck @denikombucha I've had three followers blocked today in "liege" with David Bond. I think the name was jenny1986 or something like that.

Serial harasser warning/ instance block recommendation 

Instance block 

Serial harasser warning/ instance block recommendation 

Alright y’all I gotta sleep. But please watch what FRs you accept and stay alert & watch out for each other🚨

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