Tankies wanna explain why Chinese Purdue is building their next chemical plant on the graves of enslaved people without their descendants consent in a neighborhood called “Cancer Alley”? Y’all think Che or Thomas Sankara would co-sign this? Or is China every bit the capitalist oligarchy as the US ​and y’all just dig cosplaying Marx :blobderpy:

@denikombucha I have this huge cognitive dissonance where I hear "Louisiana" and think "that's a black state" but then just can't wrap my head and around how powerless our people are.


@I what was done during and after Katrina to the Black community should have people serving life in prison. SWAT snipers picking off any Black person trying to cross the bridge to safety just so they wouldn’t reach a white neighborhood, leaving men women and children to die of dehydration and lack of medication etc. Then disaster capitalism comes in and demolished the public school system and replaced them w charter schools that cant be regulated by the dept of education. It’s beyond sickening.

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