Being a mediocre programmer does not = being a decent lawyer, yet a lot of y’all suddenly become professors at constitutional law every time these data scrapes happen. So to set the record straight, no, putting anything in the public space does NOT open it up to be claimed, owned, and exploitated by just anybody. Pls stop w ur weird sex offender logic. If you get a call from your MD in a Starbucks that does not mean n.e one there can publish the medical info of a private citizen.-

The reality is the US *does* have privacy laws. They’re just 30+ years antiquated and unsuitable for this new age of industrialism we’re facing. So stop w ur Rapey "they shoulda known better" metaphors. The US is still trying to classify a private citizen vs a public figure, they’re still figuring out where the line is between personal data and public record, user rights vs free market capitalism, definition of public & privately owned space and how to regulate it etc


If you’re actually interested in privacy rights(which if ur saying shit like "she shoulda known better when she opened herself up to the public 👅 " you’re probably not.) here are some interesting and relevant cases being heard and also coming up:

Carpenter v. United States

United States v. Microsoft

CareFirst v. Attias

In re Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Litigation

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