@denikombucha oh totes... The original character was definitely pan, imo

@denikombucha I will never believe that Mr "Daytime Cape" isn't deeply in love with his cyborg boyfriend

@denikombucha I'm 100% on-board with 'Pando' Calrissian 👌🏿

@denikombucha One of the writers on Solo even mentioned how Glover portrayed Lando as a "sexually fluid man" to accurately replicate Williams' portrayal of Lando in the original films.

@bryceyoungquist Yeah, Glover did a fantastic job as Lando in a not good movie.

@radicalrobit @denikombucha

I was called Brando Calrissian for a while by at least one person (my given name is Brandon). I feel like it was a good comparison, given how fluid both actors seem to be :)

@baronnarcveldt @radicalrobit I went on a date w a dude that kept calling me “Jenny” afterwards. Not BDW relevant, but that’s the only nickname story I have to relate w.

@denikombucha i haven't seen empire in a while, but wow, these line reads, that look to camera, 😍

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