@ppng @ansugeisler @felix

US: *has sweatshops*

China: *has sweatshops* *sells sweatshop labor to the US*
Tankies: Pobody’s Nerfect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

@denikombucha @ppng @ansugeisler Felix is the type to be like ACAB, unless they're cops in an authoritarian "communist" state (I'm glad I now see he's full of shit)

@nutt @denikombucha @ansugeisler im like 90% sure felix is an undead cheka agent who recently came out of a coma and still considers it their mission to spread counterprop against non state approved socialist movements.

@denikombucha @ppng @ansugeisler @felix China sure does have a whole lot of billionaires for a socialist country.

It's a corporate state that likes the color red.

@bulkington @ppng @ansugeisler @felix

Your Anti Imperialist vs the Anti Imperialist she tells you not to worry about😏

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