To all the Xi Jinping enthusiasts, why has China(alleged Communist Utopia) approved almost 50 of Ivanka Trump’s patents for her own failing businesses? Why is an alleged Communist government doing tax payer funded favors for American Imperialist Billionaires? In what AU are millions of tax dollars going to foreign colonialists instead of the social safety net the epitome of Marxist ideals?


1. China is socialist, not communist, there is a difference (namely, socialism is the transition stage between capitalism and communism)

2. Communism is not an utopia, Marx already said that

3. I don't know how the Chinese patent system works, but do you expect them to deny patents based on who owns them?

4. I don't understand what patents have to do with tax dollars going to foreign colonialists


Lists are super fun I agree

-Xi Jingping identifies as a communist, how he implements that is up for debate on how authentic those ideals are.
-I was sarcastic, but I’m sure u knew that and just wanted to get mad.
-Why would China implement a patent system to benefit foreign billionaires in the first place?
-China literally invited Milton fucking Friedman for economic advice and sent elite college grads to study under him.

Nice shot at mansplaining tho✌🏽💋

@denikombucha if you don't want responses, why are you explicitly asking for them? And just because I'm a guy makes it mansplaining?

If you want to follow the western media in their "China bad" narrative, go ahead and block me. But don't ask questions and pretend like you are looking for answers.

@felix I can actually differentiate from bad faith imperialist red scaring and legitimate critique of how dedicated to the ideals of Marx China really is. Which is why I explained the context of South America’s relationship with Russia and why US citizens do not gain the same advantages allying w the gov of China. And it’s okay, given you boost a shit ton of my content until now, I wouldn’t block me either😝

@denikombucha I still don't get what your posts are about. You ask people to explain why China does this, and proceed to ignore any response. Is "mansplaining" really the best you can do? No one says that China is perfect, but you are acting like they are the ones doing regime change and imperialist wars all over the world.

@felix you could ask me what my posts are about if your not understanding something instead of throwing a piss fit in my thread like this. I’m sorry if mansplaining struck a nerve when u decided to do your laundry list like u were laying some knowledge on me. Show me on the post you’re so upset about where I said China does regime change wars all over the world. I’ve made plenty of posts explaining that China’s imperialism will NOT look like the US’s.

@felix and that Colonial Nation State that IS doing regime change all over the world is China’s largest trading partner. Your peeled garlic u buy here is made by the nail-less hands of Chinese prison labor.

@felix and you and I have interacted plenty of times b4 respectfully and peacefully, so I’m not sure what inspired you to come up in my thread and patronize and berate me when we could have had a completely normal conversation. But do you.




@felix and for context I DID acknowledge China’s militant anti imperialist roots💅🏽💃🏽

@felix @denikombucha mansplaining is exactly what you did, though. You made a bunch of condescending, "smart" remarks to correct her, assuming she was not knowledgeable. With you being a man on top of that, that's a textbook case of mansplaining.
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