Tankies get the hypocrisy of a hyper capitalist state relying on a self described Communist country for cheap labor and market access. Do y’all really not see the two Spidermen pointing at each other with a Country supposedly structured around Marxian ideals selling its prison labor, it’s citizenry, it’s surveillance infrastructure to those same Hyper Capitalist nations FOR capital. I feel like some dude wrote a pamphlet or something about that🤔.


Y’all profess, and rightfully so, that billionaires should not exist, conglomerates should not exist, labor is entitled to ALL fruits of its labor. So why are their Chinese billionaires? Why are there China owned conglomerates? Why are there suicidal sweatshops propping up these conglomerates both domestic and abroad? Maybe, just maybe, China is as dedicated to the ideals of Marxism and the US is to the ✌🏽Free Market✌🏽

@denikombucha My understanding of the Tankie defence (in which I attempt to be completely objective in) would something similar to the Stalin's Foreign Policy defence. That is, China is surrounded by enemies and so is completely on the defensive.

Therefore, they should use any tools at the means of their disposal. In Stalin's case it was bombs and military spending. Now it's about destroying the traditional tools of capitalism by building alternatives to the broader neolithic world.

Hence why China should create a new economic system to undercut the American Imperialist and Western Powers.

@denikombucha I kinda understand and agree with this line of reasoning, or at least understand it. not sure I agree with it.

thats just it, China is NOT on the constant defense. They're a nuclear power. Cuba is on the constant defense, Venezuela is on the constant defense, Bolivia, Brazil are on the constant defense. China has been on the offense and imperial expansion for the past 20 years. And Chinese citizens are not "Tools to be disposed of", they're human beings. People who are being thrown to the factories while their pampered heirs apparent wander lust through elite party schools across the globe.

@denikombucha Somone once asked the head of the Chinese Communist Party the difference between Chinese capitalism and American capitalism. He replied: "history".
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