Itā€™d be dope if Palestinians were getting the level of mainstream support HK is getting.

@denikombucha Or France, or Ecuador, or anywhere else people are fighting in the streets against US/corporate interests and fascism.

If nothing else, you can tell that Hong Kong shit is bogus by the wall-to-wall media they get in the US, compared to the Gilets Jaunes (zero).

Do they have infiltrators? Yeah, clearly. Is it bullshit? No. HK was a British Colony til almost 2000. China always saw HK as a wound of imperialism. HK itself has grown into its own identity as neither a colonial territory or Chinese. Is there any easy way out of this? No.

@denikombucha I could almost buy that except for the long-time NED/USAID connection, and their consultations with the US Consulate ā€” like every other US-backed "color revolution".

I was an arts major and know jack-all about PoliSci, but I'm guessing a first step towards a solution would be for the US to take its goddamn hands off and butt out, but yeah... some hope, huh?

(cartoons Oct 2014, Jul 2019)

@denikombucha I mean, f'crissake, man... they're waving US and British Colonial flags, singing the goddamn Star-Spangled Banner and using Pepe The Frog on their propaganda.

...and the fact that the atrocities at Standing Rock got near zero US media time while the Hong Kong mob gets wall-to-wall coverage really tells me a lot, too.


who is they? Cuz its not all of them obviously. The Arab Spring was infiltrated, thats the foreign policy of imperial powers. And don't curse at me if you're tryna have a legit convo with me. I generally believe HK should be independent and decide their future for themselves free from colonial or China's influence. Their decision should not be between being a territory and going back under the influence of the police that brutalized them.

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@denikombucha dude's perfectly cut out to be a political cartoonist: he's got the depth of thought that characterizes a political cartoon. i've been kind of continuously low level annoyed with him since about 1998, it sure is a thing to see how much he hasn't changed his mind in all that time...

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