Y’all help me! My plant children are dying and I don’t kno what’s wrong😭🙏🏽 one is a Hibiscus 🌺 and I forgot the other one but I named her Val Kilmer pls help her😰

@denikombucha Can you zoom in on the leaves? Almost looks like spider mites, but hard to tell that far back.

@bort mother FUCKER! we do have a shit ton of spiders 👀! But I thought they were good for plants cuz they ate destructive bugs 😥

@denikombucha Spiders are good! Spider mites aren't actually spiders. But they leave this stippling shit on the leaves and when they get bad, you will find like spider web like shit on the underside of the leaves.

They might need to be fed too. Yellowing generally means they need nitrogen if it isn't a pest issue.

@bort shoot you were right on the money😑 The hibiscus didn’t have spider mites but there were some on Val Kilmer. I gave her some light pruning n rubbed some vegetable oil on her leaves

@denikombucha You can also spray them with a light solution of water and dish soap if that doesn't help. They really hate that shit.
@denikombucha Nope! They just tear up soft plants :) Also, before you prune them or anything that involves touching, change clothes and wash your hands really well. Those lil turds will come in off your clothes and stuff.

@bort gawd I didn’t even kno they existed til now and I already hate them so much

@denikombucha Yeah they suck ass. Especially on weed plants LOL. They really love when it's hot and breed fast under those conditions. Thankfully once winter hits most of em die.
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