Y’all help me! My plant children are dying and I don’t kno what’s wrong😭🙏🏽 one is a Hibiscus 🌺 and I forgot the other one but I named her Val Kilmer pls help her😰

@denikombucha not an expert by any stretch of the word but it looks like the first one might have a disease or a fungus and the second one has either too much or not enough water

@dragon oh No! Shoot I kno she wasn’t getting enough water at first because we didn’t have a water receptical at first. I might have been over watering her to compensate 😰

@denikombucha I overwatered a plant once because her pot was way too small, give her a little more sunlight and reduce the water but not too quickly <3 that way she can adjust and then you can go back to normal :)

(I really hope this works because so far I only have second hand knowledge)


@dragon oh thank god. Poor Val Kilmer, she deserves better😥. Thank you so much!

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