@bclindner @flowless to be fair since it’s not a person, and the Bible didn’t plan for Man on Rifle attraction, I don’t think this technically counts as sodomy or fornication.

@ash bare minimum it’s a wake up call to the sad chicks mercy boning ‘em

@ash @denikombucha assuredly, this is part of the reason it's so weird. Even if it works it's probably like right on the edge of statistical significance where they're 8% more likely to fuck you or whatever. What I want to know is why is this anybody's approach to getting laid? Who how what when why where?

@ash omg and they charge as much as a AAA Game for that shit😂😂😂

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@denikombucha have they heard of using words? perhaps they should leave a record player on at night.

@lyliawisteria maybe they should just marry women that are actually attracted to them and not just sorry for them.


Sex aside, this is the inevitable result of how the internet works now.

Advertisers and media companies have built a huge, complex system for manipulating people, and as a society we seem to be mostly cool with that.

...but advertisers are really only interested in paying a few dollars per victim. Of COURSE they're gonna get outbid by people who have a specific interest in manipulating a particular person.

That's the future now.

Thanks capitalism.


@apLundell yea heteronormative capitalism fueled by misogynistic creeps is weird and gross. Agreed.


Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Humans wanting to manipulate other humans is even more fundamental than sexuality.

Bespoke advertising/gaslighting is the cyberpunk dystopia we didn't see coming, but should have.

(Even if this exact service turns out to be a hoax and/or scam.)

@apLundell yea heteros are freaks man, couldn’t say it better myself. 💯 Agreed.

just havin' a normal one being a controlling abusive husband, nbd

That's wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin

@denikombucha ah I see we've reached the "consumer level propaganda services" stage of late capitalism

@denikombucha wtf, this can't be a thing isn't it?, not even legal

@denikombucha what the absolute fuck

this is some manipulative bullcrap


This is a completely sane, rational, god-given, inalienebubble, um... endownded, um... what else works here... and normal means of communicationing my needs. I have no idea why anyone would have an issue with this.

I also have no idea why any of my partners should have a personality, will, or thoughts of their own that don't revolve around me as the center of the universe.

Sarcasm aside, I truly hope this is a scam that alerts the intended victim-partner how manipulative the initiating partner is willing to be.

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