I’m guessing 3 months from now Kaniini will be making her ‘How the Left Drove Me to Nazi-ism’ post.

@Are0h wish they’d stop wearing the same prints, this shit is unflattering and outdated.

@magicalmilly just a prediction based on experience but who knows, my bigot radar may be buggy. But I doubt it.

@denikombucha And like every other person who did this, it'll be because "they didn't respect me, so I won't respect them."

And like every other Nazi that says that, it means "they didn't treat me like an authority on their experiences, so I won't treat them with basic human decency."

@denikombucha that post will 100% include how kiwifarms was very nice to her when she helped them set up a pleroma instance

It might also include how the nazis on gab were nice to everyone on her instance

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