@denikombucha wow he probably has kids and grandkids that attend... Badass grandpa

@denikombucha So rather than a good guy with a gun what we need is an old man with a tackle, it seems.

Can we talk about how good Granddad looks for a man in his 70's 👀 ???

@denikombucha I would NOT have pinned him for 75 if I had not been told his age. I thought more like early 50s. (Another source puts his age at 65, but still so young-looking! nydailynews.com/news/world/ny- )

@denikombucha The grandpa, Mohammad Rafiq, is a retired Pakistani Air Force officer which explains some things. The shooter wore a body armor and helmet, but try armoring yourself against a chokehold, asshole 😂 He was also charged with the murder of his 17 yo stepsister?? Wtf?? bbc.com/news/world-europe-4931

@denikombucha @Are0h Want him, want to be him, want him to be your dad, it's all the same thing.

@denikombucha they look like the hero and a villain out of a classic action-drama movie

@denikombucha from the state of that tool, it looks like they put the boot in a few times before he was arrested. good.

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