someone should point out we already have a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

and when he says "no we need a list of mentally ill people" point out he's basically asking for the US to implement eugenics

@ben we also already have a record. Mentally ill ppl are much more likely to have interactions with the police and therefore much more likely to be in the system. We’ve already criminalized mental illness, Cuomo’s just putting it in the books. Our judicial system is repugnant

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@denikombucha @ben

So frustrating. I already don't wanna tell my doctor or anyone else anything as it is. I hate these ghouls so very much.

@ben @denikombucha -looks at the national registry of Jewish people in Nazi Germany and Trump's attempted national registry for Muslims-
Yup. Pretty much. Exhibiting unfounded hatred towards another group of people is not the criteria with which to diagnose every mental health problem out there.

That problem is called brainwashing and is often performed by cults. It's not a problem inherent to a given person simply due to their mental health.

@ben @denikombucha Anyone who says otherwise is a eugenicist hellbent on the genocide of people who are already suffering under the current system.

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@denikombucha I would be interested to know if he’s prepared to include himself in that database...

But seriously, it’s like every single tragedy is made useful by these people in their pre-meditated gradual plan to spy on people more.

Or, put better, officially justify what they’ve already been doing in secret, since I somehow really doubt they already haven’t got such a sickness exploitation database of every possible person.

@denikombucha deni why do democrats do this shit? Why are they surprised when we tell them they are the same as republicans?

@EnlightenedFeralBoy Cuomo specifically used to represent 45. He was partner at Trump’s law firm.

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@denikombucha the precisely most unamericanly freedom-hating ideas that trump had endorsed earlier, are the ones cuomo endorses.

shit i had to look up whether he was D or R even given point #1...

(theoretically any jurisdiction that administers govt disability benefits would already have a fairly robust list of the mentally ill people living in it, but the vast, vast, vast majority of people-shooters of any kind won't be on it - which just makes this new proposal even stupider)

@denikombucha “it isn’t Nazi shit when we do it” -ancient dem party proverb

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