The greatest grift the privileged ever ran was convincing everybody that "Anarchy" was another word for "Chaos", and not an ideology based in the dismantling of hierarchy to be replaced with a system founded in equity. It’s almost like a small albeit powerful group of ppl´s privilege and influence depends on a strict pecking order they’d do literally anything to maintain :blobcatglaredrink: . Almost :TDR: :TDR: :TDR: .

@denikombucha i wonder where the myth comes from that anarchy and socialism are somehow at odds 🤔

@meena @denikombucha

It's two myths, actually. The first is that anarchy is a complete lack of any sort of governance, and the other is that socialism is a complete lack of individuality.

@rdh @denikombucha yes, but also that socialism needs a state to own and enforce … things

The proud sovereign nation of The Denican Republic :TDR: , baby✊🏽🕶️

@denikombucha original, untainted anarchism is a perfect system.

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