I think capitalism's biggest and most successful grift was propagandizing Jobs = Purpose. Really well done. Now how do we unlearn that ridiculous shit and gravitate away from a dying jobs based economy to a Purpose based society :blobcatglaredrink: ?

Aww BB sis Nooo! Jobs are dying out and being automated. Attaching your identity and sense of purpose to the production of capital is a death sentence. Its a battlefield to unlearn, but if what makes her fulfilled is literally just leaving origami weasels on all her neighbours' porches everyday that's totally valid. We need to unlearn our definition of "Job" and start thinking about what our end goal is. What would we do in retirement? What makes us feel a part of something?

@denikombucha @sourcookie ikigai is a somewhat proved successful approach to meaningfyl life and life-work balance (btw, there is no retirement in ikigai). Also, research-backed carreer advices suggest NOT to merely follow your passion (it's the opposite: passion follows successful endeavors), but focus on something you think is top important for the world, and contibute the best you can to the fight (my summary) I don't buy 100% in these, but definitely worth considering, maybe as a starting point.

@denikombucha I feel like something similar to how Dwarf Fortress handled "losing is fun" would work.

Just redefine "Job" to actually mean "Purpose".


All you need to know to fully understand "losing is fun" is where that link actually goes.

@denikombucha enable people to survive, gaining basic necessities like good, while pursuing their purpose. I have so many more books in planning that I could have already written if I didn't have to constantly search for my next dayjob.

@denikombucha don't forget Protestantism, the midwife of capitalist wage slavery.

@denikombucha This is a very strong source of my depression. I hate myself because I feel worthless because I don't have a job.

@tangent you’re the only really valuable thing in this worthless economic system.

@denikombucha oh yeah whole libraries could be filled with books on the way that capitalist society turned The Job into almost a religious idol

@denikombucha I also like how "success" is defined as "have a lucrative and satisfying career"

We are supposed to find all life satisfaction in our career. Because in Capitalism, that's pretty much all there is to life.

@denikombucha I mean there's having friends and family but those are supposed to be accessories to career

@popefucker @denikombucha And if you live differently, you look like a loser, even if you’re doing shitload of other purposeful thing. That’s pretty annoying, coming from people whose main goal in life is to be thoughtless cogs that want to buy a BBQ, a carsher to clean the terrasse and automated shutters for their house for when they retire to talk about how successful they were because they could buy all that.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

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