Dems: 💁🏼‍♀️We need more WoC running for office👊🏻! Believe Black Women✊🏻!

Gay Latina Running For Office: 🙋🏽‍♀️I want to decriminalize houselessness and prosecute evictions and rent hikes!

Dems: Getchur Brownass outta my sight👉🏻.

@denikombucha The parallels between what's happening in the Democratic ranks and what is happening in the fedi is... well, let's call them obvious hahahaha...

Ha ha! Oh Ro, you silly tin foil hat, you :blobjoy: . With your wild conspiracies about white supremacy running thru the veins of alleged progressive politics :blobcatcoffee: . Ha, you are a treat to listen to tho.

@denikombucha "She says, unable to win elections without cheating... "

“She says as 2000 Caban ballots get ✌🏽misplaced✌🏽.”

@denikombucha I like how it took Pelosi all of 5 minutes to go from writing a letter congratulating all the newly elected women of color to shit talking them in the NYtimes and Wapo while simultaneously having private meetings saying no one should be attacking other caucus members.

it's not surprising in the least but boy is it tiring

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