Historically one of the biggest mistakes and examples of naivete the left continues to commit to is to underestimate the influence of elitist ideological culture as well as racism. Lula himself made this same mistake. There is no 'Social Democracy' bargain you can strike with that class of ppl that will be acceptable to them. No amount of higher and more stable profits will be enough. Logic will not be enough. The threat of hypocrisy will not be enough. Because this is an ideological battle.


Most of these people are of inherited wealth as well as inherited bigotry. They've never driven their own car, labored for a wage, experienced a genuine obstacle that would cost them everything they've held dear. They were born and raised in isolation from the genuine populace and from reality itself. What kind of person do you thing that makes? What children do you imagine that person will raise?

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Could you imagine a pure breed Spaniel, brushed, hand fed, heated home and saturated in so much luxury it becomes biological? Now imagine a pack of wolves trying to reason with that Spaniel by speaking of hunger, migration, mange, and cold. That's what the left continues to do and is shocked when they can't even get near this Spaniel's fence to negotiate their grievances.

There's no amount of fealty you can pay, no amount of compromise you can give, no level of education or reason. Because this is not a battle of reason. These people don't want a better world if its not derived from hierarchy and capital, these people would rather be poorer than see Non Whites become the slightest bit less destitute. If that means their own children and grandchildren will die of thirst, cancer, malnourishment, or war, they say "So be it."

@denikombucha This reminds me of the time Tim Wise spoke about an e-mail exchange he had with a white college student. The student e-mailed to say that he didn't agree that racism hurt whites. Tim Wise patiently explained how it did, and how much racism damaged the labor movement in the U.S., and how much it compromises everyone's quality of life. In the end, the student conceded, but then said "well, I'd be fine being paid $2 an hour as long as black people were paid $1 an hour."

Thats what happens when your entire sense of self is based on a lie folks that look like you told for moneyšŸ™„

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