@denikombucha And I see that suggestion came from cyberDOTspace, who are supposed to be PROGRESSIVE right?

*makes a note*

@denikombucha it's kind of self-defeating to ask for different "opinions" as DashEquals has done there, because then they really have the echo chamber, which they hadn't before :D

@denikombucha sent a report up to cybre.space, we'll see if they manage to do anything. I can't even see dash-equal's posts from my main anymore because snouts defederated from their instance lmao

@Seajun_ @denikombucha Holy cow. That account is locked now. Like just happened. :flan_awe:

@kurtm @Seajun_
Wuuuuuuuuuut? Guess free speech=shouting behind closed doors with ear plugs and a blind fold

@denikombucha @kurtm cowardice is the name of the game when you're a racist prick

@Seajun_ @denikombucha Oh. Uh, no, locking is a mod thing. I mean, you're not wrong on the cowardice, but this locking is a mod action. That's apparently all cybre dot space will ever do is lock an account, never deleting.

@kurtm @denikombucha oh, I see. Fair enough, I guess, but what's their problem with just fully deleting?

@kurtm @denikombucha sorry, you don't have to answer that lmao, you probably have no way of knowing

@Seajun_ @denikombucha Not sure. If someone is being fascist/racist/misogynist I'd rather they delete. Why leave that pollution out there? :flan_sick:

@denikombucha I hope techbros die leaving no offspring, but that's a wish that's actually feasible.

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