@denikombucha Oh fuckin' a. I'm glad they got video and screenshots so he could be identified, at least.

What an asshole

Yeah, I do hope folks dissecting and responding to this video keep the little boy who is PoC in mind . I personally wouldn’t even bother w the father in this specific situation. I would just keep telling the baby what a great job he did. I don’t want his young mind correlating doing the right thing with trauma and fear of retaliation.

@denikombucha Oh god! So angry and disgusted at Cukor, that Racist cuck! I couldn't bare to watch the video, but I couldn't help notice how smug he looks in the teo preview images while he's exercising his white priviledge! He just gets off of it. 😡

You should watch actually if you want to see his face when Michel’s friend who is disabled (the one he was waiting for) shows up. She goes in on him too. I just can’t imagine being so racist it makes you deaf to your own child’s traumatized cries. But his son was POC too so🙄. It was so brave for a child so young to stand up to his own dad in public like that.

@denikombucha Oh my God, that poor child! 😿

I love the look of his face when he realized he fucked up! Oh, pride goes before the fall!

I feel so sad for the boy tho! Thanks Pops for failing to be a father to your son!

@denikombucha It's amazing how a child can be more mature than their father!

Yea I hope folks remember to support the boy more than go in on his Dad. I don’t want him getting traumatized for doing the right thing, we need courageous babies standing up to bigots in this world.

@denikombucha That's a great point! We have to be careful not to let our anger get the better of us, else we'll be hurting our own as well as our oppressors.

@denikombucha @Amuro_Rei I really feel for the boy, not only for this particular shitty incident but what it must be like to grow up as a child of color with a racist like that for a father. I hope the mom grabs the kid and runs, being around that man is clearly not a healthy environment for the kiddo or for her.

@denikombucha @Amuro_Rei Omg the kid is Asian! So Cukor is THAT kind of white dude, eh? His wife needs to RUN, not walk. Don't inflict this asshole on your kid anymore, please.

@lj_writes @Amuro_Rei
Agreed :1000: . Shit gets complicated and folks don’t like to admit it but we do need to add complexity to how we confront racism of adults when there are children (particularly POC children) involved. Their parents are being violent and as adults we’re still responsible for children not internalizing that violence. Especially when they’re brave enough to speak against it on their own. Because they have to go home w them, we don’t.

@denikombucha fucking youtube. This is less surprising than it should be, and Im very angry. The Bay has ALWAYS been filled with POC. It's where the Black Panther Party started, ffs. The fact that these white people feel so entitled when they've been here for 5 FUCKING MINUTES means they aren't getting their asses handed to them enough. Also, I hope EVERY restaurant that isnt fucking Denny's and Olive Garden refuse them service. Racist ass bitch. 🤬🤬🤬

Yup not shocking🙄 the Bay n Ny r ground 0 for gentrification so it’s not surprising it’s a hub for racism as well. They go hand in hand.

@denikombucha poor kid. Shows that people are taught to hate, not born with it.
@denikombucha the fact that this was a YT exec explains their willingness to facilitate hate while cracking down on speech against it.

@denikombucha Ha and on a day where I'm talking how a lot of white folks talk about diversity, but it's just for the sake of appearing to care.

@denikombucha Please don't use amp links, it gives everyone's data to google.

@denikombucha Sorry if I annoyed you with that, but I still wanted to mention it. Feel free to ignore.

I’m sorry if I snapped, this just wasn’t the time or place for that particular conversation that also deserves attention.

@denikombucha Yeah I was expecting that my reply wouldnt be well liked. But I just dont like seeing this kind of stuff on fedi.

The fact Christopher Cukor works at YouTube perfectly illustrates what I was saying about the disingenuous conversations white people in tech are having about diversity and inclusion.

It's trendy to be anti-facist and anti-racist, but when it comes down to it, white people will still go out of their way to harm us simply because they can.

This is reflected in literally every social platform run by white men.

I don't think Google is going to fire this guy. He's their prototypical employee.

He can present as reasonable well enough in PR events and he's clearly DIVERSE because he has a brown child, but he still identifies with whiteness, which enables YouTube to keep spreading their hate for clicks.

He's the perfect employee.

And we all know white people rarely face consequences for being overtly racist and willfully putting people in harm's way.

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