Gabbers work w feds. They’ve had campaigns where they’ve reported sex workers to police and the IRS. They’ve reported nonwhite Immigrants to ICE and the NSA. They’ve doxxed activists and abuse victims. This is not just a ‘free speech’ issue. You’re responsible for who you federate with and who you allow on your platform. Minimizing the threat they pose is just you minimizing your complicity in their violence. We’re not fooled.

@denikombucha Do you have any source for this? Would love to throw this at all the people who make up excuses for gab.

@bort @felix
these folx overlap w racist twitter, incel reddit and 8chan a good bit, theyre not hard to find :birdsite:

@denikombucha @felix

I've def seen it on twitter. But never have been on reddit or 8chan. I suspect that's a good thing.

@denikombucha Please don't call people from Gab 'Gabbers', I like that name far too much to have it ruined by Gab.

@FooBeerBaz @denikombucha I love "Gabblins". The fediverse has a #gablin infestation! It rolls of the tongue!

@LogicalDash @trash

Y'all, Im callin em Gabbers. But I think agreeing on a pseudonym is the least of our worries. Stay focused.

@denikombucha @LogicalDash I don't think you understand. Gabbers are already a thing and they're cool. #Gablins, on the other hand...

@trash @denikombucha y'know on further reflection they'll probably adopt any catchy name we give them

@trash @LogicalDash

call them whatever gets you out of my mentions and into theirs👉🏽


Interesting, thank you for the information.
But if they want to infiltrate the fediverse and report their findings to the feds (be it about switter or anything else) they don't have to do it from gab I guess?

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