‘wE WaNt ThE sCaNdInAvIaN mOdEl Of SoCiAlIsM, nOt ThE yUcKy LaTiNo KiNd😤”

News flash, y’all’s puffy pampered version of White socialism is FUNDED by the exploitation of LA and African Countries. That’s why any attempt Blk/Brwn folk make to give their countrymen the same shit y’all have is violently quashed by the same colonial militaries y’all hide behind. White Europeans aren’t ✌🏽more socialist✌🏽, y’all are just snootier colonizers.

@denikombucha What on earth kind of people say that? Cuba (is that Latino? correct me if I'm wrong) is often cited as a model for socialism in the circles I've been in, so someone disregarding Latin America-style socialism - especially since the European "socialism" isn't actually socialist - is completely baffling to me.
(To be clear, this is me expressing how confused I am that people would make those statements, and not in any way doubting you that they did)


American politics equates socialism with Communism, which was on the rise in LA with the pink tide that threatened the US's colonial capitalist framework. The US literally bribed popes to use their influence against it. White Europeans tend to see Brown Latin Americans, ME Refugees, Africans and Indians as a sub group of ppl who 'just can't get their shit together' and ignore the context colonialism has played in their development.

@denikombucha yeah, I see that a lot, especially with regards to the India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and formerly-Ottoman-Empire areas (god, fuck the British)
As well as the whole ignoring-CIA-coup-attempts-in-LA thing that people so often do when arguing that socialism is "unsustainable"

Also, I didn't know about the "bribing popes" bit, that's really interesting (in a "hey look another awful thing the US government did" way)

@starseeker @denikombucha doncha just love it when the BBC publishes an article like "why is shit so fucked in India" and you're like "uhh maybe you could mention that potentially Britain had something to do with it or talk about colonialism at all" and the BBC is like "nah we're just gonna talk about some bad stuff in our former colonies without mentioning anything historical"

@amsomniac @starseeker @denikombucha Of course a news outlet funded by the British government isn't going to talk badly about their history. Parliament would cut all their funding.

@amsomniac @starseeker
It’s the same here w Venezuela and literally anywhere in Africa🙄

@denikombucha Clue bat accepted. Any model of socialism, communism, or syndicalism I consider shouldn't depend on exploiting colonialism. Every region should benefit.

@denikombucha I always thought they meant "not communism-socialism, but capitalism-socialism". They would even argue that Finland was almost always itself a colony but as it was a part of Swedish and then Russian empire, it doesn't hold I guess.

@amsomniac @denikombucha
there is no "scandinavian model of socialism". that's something americans made up.

@anarchiv They're just talking about SocDem which is just capitalism with a strong social safety net. Lots of "progressive" Dems here in the U.S. refer to it as the Scandinavian model because capitalism with a strong social safety net is already what they do and they can't envision a world without capitalism.

They're New Deal Democrats basically.

@anarchiv I swear I read your whole post and yet I somehow missed the second part. Fuck I think I just reply guyd you.

@radicalrobit lmao nevermind I know you didn't mean to. plus I'm happy you elaborated on my points

@radicalrobit I might be pissed if we didn't know each other but it's all good

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