A reminder to my fellow Queer fam💁🏽‍♀️: Black men are NOT🙅🏽‍♀️ uniquely homophobic, nor a uniquely violent threat to the LGBTQ. That's just your Racist Rainbow shining thru😚👐🏽 🏳️‍🌈.

@denikombucha black men are half the reason we can have a queer fam.

@denikombucha Setting up Black men as a uniquely violent homophobic threat and white men as safe and innocuous in comparison is not only disgustingly racist, it is so fucking disingenous and actively endangers queer people.

Extra racism AND homophobia points at the erasure of Black queer people, too.


Every single time. But its something folx keep letting slide and not wanting to confront in the community.

@denikombucha Pitting Blackness and queerness against each other isn't even remotely a new strategy wtf they're still on this shit


the only time I ever got transphobic shit on facebook was from a white woman tbh


i really believe that white supremacy is responsible for this stereotype existing. it seems that everywhere, every culture, that was not previously homophobic or misogynist, only became that way after european influence.

@lyliawisteria @denikombucha tragically, skin color prejudice is often, and by far, the most common motive for hate crimes. It is quite a difficult time to be LGBT+ AND have dark skin.

@denikombucha are there people within the LGBT saying that black men are homophobic?, sorry if I sound a bit ignorant

@Odi @denikombucha Commonly, yes, black men are propped up as being a distinct and specific threat to queer people, despite the fact that as far as I know there's literally no evidence for this. It's purely a racist fearmongering tactic.

@Seajun_ @denikombucha the real threat to the LGBT that I can think of within the United States is conservative white straight Christians

@Odi @Seajun_
Gay white men don’t otherize them the way they should because those ppl tend to remind them of their own families.

@Odi @denikombucha Yes! White men commit more hate crimes than every other demographic combined, and then people have the audacity to claim it's black people we should be afraid of :blobfacepalm:

@Seajun_ @Odi
Mf RIGHT? And that argument doesn’t work for any other violence stats either since violence is mostly inter communal. Most Gay white men are attacked by OTHER white men. Same with Gay Black men.

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There’s actually a lot of racism in the white lgbtq community. Most Gay White men and women will pull out the "Black ppl need to weed out homophobia in their own community 😤" to excuse it. Not to mention how many Gay white men will openly put shit like "No Blacks, No Asians, no Femmes, no Fatties." In their profile prefs.

@denikombucha WOW, the whole “no blacks, Asians, Femmes, and Fatties” thing is really fucked up

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