This is what Feminists talk about when we say Feminism is also for men. Because of the fear over Tarana Burke's MeToo growing, Rockstar fired VP & known abuser Jeronimo Barrera. He's actually accused of SA by a former male employee & was known to regularly abuse & threaten other workers. Yet it wasn't until the rise of MeToo that RS took action. Because of that power RS employees don't have to see that predator every single day. & most of those employees were men

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Tarana didn't jump out the bushes like "WAIT, this dude abused other dudes? Nah let him be then." This is a movement that's already benefitting men as well. Any dude who says otherwise isn't someone who actually wants to protect your rights. He just dreams of one day being the Alpha dog that gets to dominance hump you.

@denikombucha Makes sense. The guys who are the worst harassers of women tend to generally be dicks to everyone: male, female, and everything in between.
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