My really good podcast ideas

“Eating Bass & Taking Names”
A podcast about dating as a Fisherman.

“Kiss my Ash”
Pokemon chat on whether Mr. Mime was Ash’s real dad the whole time.

“The People vs Homer Simpson”
Simpson podcast about how it was only good for 6 seasons.

“Trash Effect”
Game debates on whether EA will ever put out a good game ever again.

“All the Shingle Ladies”
Where we discuss seasonal vaccines & their importance to the pediatric and geriatric communities.

@denikombucha I was thinking All The Shingle Ladies would be for women in roofing and home construction

@denikombucha i will be religiously listening to how the Simpsons were only good for six seasons.

It’s going to be really great the first 20+ eps, then just descends to us shitting on every past 8.

@denikombucha id listen to the 3rd and 4th one straight up

@denikombucha im not saying that i couldnt be sold on them!

The right thing to do is not always the most popular 😔

@denikombucha I would 100% cohost that Simpsons podcast (seasons 3-8, I'm presuming?)

I dig 1-2 too actually, they were still a little sitcom toddler finding their footing and it was kinda adorable. Yea everything past 8 we’re just gonna throw in a volcano 🌋.

@denikombucha there are AMAZING classic episodes in 1 & 2. The only episode I accept past 8 is "Lisa the Skeptic" but that's because I identify with Lisa soooo hard.

@denikombucha make a podcast where u talk about all of these and more

@denikombucha I would want to be a recurring guest on Kiss my Ash. I feel like I have a lot to say on that subject.

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