🚨 Hey fellow California folks! Fire season 🔥 is approaching, PLS take it seriously and have a plan of action/bugout bag ready. 🚨

-written list of numbers/contacts/addresses.
-physical road map(circle hospitals, hotels, food/water, & emergency shelters)
-DO NOT rely on main roads & highways, they may bottleneck & trap you.
-Non-perishable snacks
-3-days water
-can opener
-baby wipes
-pet food & disposable litter boxes
-Backup power pack

@denikombucha I'd also recommend menstrual products*, a first aid kit, towels, blankets, and a sturdy knife for utility purposes. You should also have important documents like your Soc Sec card in your bag or in a secure place like a bank box.

*Whether anyone in your household needs them, you might encounter someone else who does. Menstrual products are also great for, well, absorbing blood should anyone be injured.

All good☝🏽 some other things

-Portable jumpstart battery pack. Waiting in emergency traffic runs u the risk of draining your battery(same 4 gas)

-Same w other folks, if they break down you ain’t going anywhere either, so have gas n power on hand to help someone out so everyone can get out safely.

-The Batteries run 50-100 & you can pick up a spare gas canisters at most cas stations.

@denikombucha In preparing for #wildfire season in #SoCal make sure to have face masks for yourself and your household! Remember, cheap dust masks, surgical masks, and wet bandanas or towels are NOT sufficient. Look for masks that:

🔹 Are labeled N95 or N100
🔹 Have two straps that go around your head
🔹 Fit over your nose and under your chin, and seal tightly
to your face

And be aware that these masks do NOT fit young children!

More detailed info:

@denikombucha Yeah, even if you're not directly affected by fires, a LOT of smoke ends up in the air and can travel a long way.

That can really impact folks' health if they have to be outside during that time. 😟

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