Hey y’all, if u vet followers watch out for fake leftist accts. They’re usually created by MAGAssholes in Nazi Fedi to follow n target Black, Brown, LGBT folks. Watch out for fishy boost to post ratios, very little acct activity etc. Similar things u look for in bots.

@denikombucha im gonna need some clarifications here.
im aware nazis do this shit, they want to either cause disturbance between (admitably very divided) leftists beliefs or with them and centralists or just...neg in general.
my confusion is if you mean more boosts to original content or less boosts to original content is good? very little account activity does sound par the course tho.

Oh yeah if it’s mostly lefty boosts but no real engagement or investment.

@denikombucha yeah i guess if the account is fully boosts and largely deserted it may be a red flag. at least from tumblr regressives (not explicitly nazis, more terfs and ace/aro exclusionists) tend to have their false persona claim competing views or identities while making outlandish claims, so that people don't become sympathetic to the group their trying to demonize.

Boosting lefty posts allows them to skirt post quick glance bets folks will do. That’s y look for engagement, if there’s not much of it then keep an eye out.

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